Websites for Restaurants and Pubs

We build websites for Restaurants and Pubs using the revolutionary Kwikwap Software.


Why should a Restaurant or Pub get a website and get one from us? Here are 10 reasons:


  1. People will find you via Google Searches. People planning their trips do like to know and sometimes book in advance when visiting a certain area. They would for example type in Area + Restaurant. If you do not have a website you chances of being found are slim.
  2. Useful information that can be added to your website includes your menu, your opening and closing times, your location and specials and promotions.
  3. Specials and promotions. People do search for specials and promotions and you can activate the Specials and Promotions at the click of a button.
  4. Customer feedback. Creating a customer feedback form on your website can be useful as it might prevent someone from posting something negative on a public platform such as Tripadvisor.
  5. The software comes with a built in SMS system, even allowing to text people on their birthdays, perhaps invite them for a free drink.
  6. Events. The events calendar is useful and can be added with the click of a button.
  7. Online Ticket sales. The online Ticket sales for events where people have to book and pay can also be activated at the click of a button.
  8. Easy to manage – our software is the most user friendly available and your average person will master it in one or two short training sessions.
  9. Affordable – Our websites are affordable. R4,000 for an unlimited pages , responsive website was unheard of until our software was developed 15 years ago.

10.) Hassle free, quick turn-around time. Your website will be live within 24 – 48 hours of us receiving the information. You get a dedicated consultant and backup from a National Head Office.

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