Website development

Once your website has been designed you need to develop your website . That requires spending time on your website and time like money is a scarce resource. So how can one effectively develop your website? 

The kind of website development I am talking about is content writing, whether you are blogging or whether you are expanding your frequently asked question section of your website.

I started this morning writing a 2000 word article for Kwikwap on the topic of making money with your Kwikwap Website.

I must be addicted to writing if I stand still during my busy day to write another blog entry.

A client of mine has just forced me in a friendly way to blog on a bird in the Kruger National Park. For a moment i got lost in the worlds of Birds and the Kruger National Park. It was a nice escape from blogging about making money with your website.

I then opened my email and I found a question from someone wanting to bring 30 people to Simonstown for a visit to the local museum. It took some time in answering the lady and finding the information she was looking for. I had to bug a Facebook friend of mine for the information. In the mean time I have clients ready to pay me once I have done one or two small changes to advertisements I sell on these tourism websites.

Time is a scarce commodity for most people. It is even more scarce for successful people already making money. I see it everyday when I try and get a new web design client or once I have sold a product to get the clients to sit down and actually populate or further develop their websites.

The answer lies in effectively managing your time.

I did the effort to get the information the lady wanted. I sat down and wrote her a reply via an email.

After pressing the send button I opened the FAQ section of the Simonstown Tourism website and added the question and answer by simply copying and pasting. So effective it has been that I decided to pause and blog about this effective website development method. But what am I actually doing. I know I am typing at the speed of light as the thoughts and words come rushing out my system. My wife jokes about the sound of my Keyboard as I play away on my keyboard much like a pianist would do with music. Words are my music. I enjoy writing.

Sorry I got lost myself there for a moment dreaming about being a romantic writer.

I have been adding content / valuable and unique information nowhere else available on the internet, at least in Afrikaans. I am doing something similar now on writing this article on website development. Last week we got in three new web design clients and this week there was a few requests as well. Melanie knows who made contact. I hope she follows up properly since I spend hours writing and blogging about our web design services and that of website development.

I love the job of doing it for two of the most beautiful places in South Africa, that of Kruger and Cape Town.

It's a great joy every time we get these questions from the public because it means we are doing something write. Perhaps that is what spurred me on to quickly write this blog entry. I will then share on Facebook which will tweet on Twitter and send this blog out across the world.

Maybe Barack Obama will read my blog entry in a few moments time or Matt Cutts from Google. Who knows?

Thank God for spell checker! I now take my grammar and spelling a little more seriously knowing my website is being found and the blogs are being read from time to time. I also blog to assist interns and people I have trained, or are busy with training, to become successful on the internet. That requires hard work and discipline but also working smarter. Adding to your FAQ section of your website whilst answering actual questions from website visitors is a highly effective method.

Out you go my beauty. May you be tweeted and retweeted until I am famous as The worlds greatest web Designer. Lol! Me thinks the tirednes is setting in.

Below is Youtube video with the title the Worlds Greatest Web Designer. I miss my Video Camera. The video is more than 5 years old. Success does come with time. These days I am not aiming to be the best web designer. I think I simply enjoy writing. Where woman talk I talk with my fingers on the Keybord. That is ahuge plus when doing web development. That is how one become sthe worlds greatest web deisgner. It's also called being passionate about something. I am apssionate about the internet and about website development and especially content development. Again this Youtube video is great example of content development. I have a client waiting for me online on Facebook who owns a lodge. I told them to buy a video camera- they have one. Its a great idea to make use of Youtube. Its called having great content on your website. 

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