Web Design Communication between designer and client

For those who may not know our offices are now in the Helderberg in  Somerset West while we reside in Gordon's Bay. This is a nice half way spot to keep on servicing both Overberg and Cape Town clients.

Sometimes things go wrong between a web designer and a web design client. That is when there is a misunderstanding or miscommunication between two parties.

This is the topic of this blog entry.

Everybody wants an attractive websites which brings them in new business trough search engines. Search Engines work with algorithms and formulas which are based on simple logic and not on mysteries. We do not possess mystical powers to get our clients to page 1 of Google. It is important to understand that all web designs are an ongoing project / joint venture between us the web designer and the client. Clients are responsible to provide the websites copy and content. We do offer assistance in this regard if needed or if requested.

Our web design offering starts from R0 but the average or most common package is R3,999. The free website is normally only in case a client wants a second website, requires no fancy designs and has allready received training. We are only able to charge these super low fees because we rely on the monthly hosting fee of R150 to build our cash flow. Hosting with us are complusary with all our web design packages. That's an important fact to remember when contracting with us. We offer 1-3 changes for free per month included in the monthly hosting fee.

We have been designing websites for quite a while now but sometimes we still have a difference between what clients expect and what we think they expect. Hopefully by having proper discussions beforehand we can eliminate these exceptions. Fortunately - we would like to believe - our website offering is simple.

"For between R1,500 and R3,999 you get your own website, which can either be template based, simple design or advanced design. Our offer is either with or without training. We offer to do 1-3 small updates per month for free so training is not a must.You get unlimited pages, e commerce and more for only R150 per month. This affords support by the two partners of Buddy Web Design as well as our Head Office." 

This is the time of the year when business and moods starts to improve in Cape Town and the rest of the Western Cape because of the better weather. That is if we can survive being daily bombarded with negative news.

Yes it seems that end of the world can be upon us and yes it seems that the Zuptas of this world are unstoppable. We should all keep calm and focus on the the things we can change.

"Keep calm and get a website"


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