SEO Top 10

SEO Top 10 (Small / Medium South African Businesses)

Why a top 10 on SEO? People are busy plus often people expect us to carry them over the goal line. In theory if we are so clever then we should be rich ourselves. (I have been in the web design industry for over 8 years after spending 17 years in the financial services & accounting industries.) Only now do we have one or two profitable websites of our own outside our normal web design services website. (Buddy Web Design) .

For our current and potential clients here is our top 10 on SEO . (To get better rankings of Search Engines)

1.) Home / Main Page Title selection (Found under admin / settings of your Kwikwap CMS)

2.) Having a Google my business page (Free , quick and easy)

3.) Do the basics well before moving on to fancier stuff / considering fancy design

4.) Be realistic: Research your competition by doing a few searches and understand the task ahead.

5.) Work: Do the basics well (better than those identified in point 4) .

6.) Make use of Google Webmaster Tools to submit sitemaps, analyze your actual search results

7.) Specialist websites do better than jack of all trade websites. Consider having two or three websites rather than one.

8.) Well developed faq section / regular blog / testimonials - Keep your content fresh

9.) Consider alternatives to SEO e.g. advertising with Google. (Over relying on SEO can hurt you.)

10.) Gaining quality back links (links from other websites to yours) . At least link your Google my business page, Social Media Pages to your website.Some directories are worth the cost when it includes a link to your website.

One of the ways to ensure you are on the right track is to have a 6 monthly or annual meeting with us

Our website contains more in depth blog entries on the topic of SEO - see blog of 27 January for example.

We hope you have a great February 2016.

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