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In this blog we talk about how your website can recession proof your business, share a few SEO tips and share a great Afrikaans blog explaining Search Engine Optimisation and mention our Helderberg Web Design Special.

Recession proof your business

October and November are traditionally our busiest times of the year when business picks up after the depressing winter weather. (We are thankful for the rain which has fallen this season.) Tomorrow will see a record fuel hike pushing this country further into a resession. A holiday letting agent from Kleinmond shared with us that they have very little bookings for this current school holiday. How does a ressession, fuel price increase affect your website?

People will be spending much more time online before making purchasing decisions. Both in an effort to save on fuel and in an effort to get better prices and deals. We find that businesses who previously got enough business without a website is forced to also get a website which is good for us. What is not so good is that we often have to offer better deals to make sure we get the business.

SEO Tip 1: A good idea is to permanently have a specials and promotion section on your website because during tough times people do google for specials. Eg the words "Web Design Special Helderberg" should permanently feauture on our website. (Our Helderberg Web Design Special is that one can get major discount for your second, third or fourth website which is designed by us because you only need training once.) Right after writing this I added the text to our very important home page text. SEO Tip 2: Your important text need to be very easy to find like your home page, your about us page. SEO Tip 3: Anticipate the future and think accordingly. I should have added the specials weeks earlier. The changes can however start to work as soon as Google has indexed the changes. I can use Google search console and ask Google bots to fetch our website now instead of waiting for the next time our website is crawled by Google. SEO Tip 4: Make use of Google's free resources.

Francois also runs his own website with the domain name . He created a second website to attract accounting and business plan clients. During the last few months this has changed as his focus is much more on web design and special tourism marketing websites . He runs Afrikaans Tourism websites where he offers special advertising (Traffic for web design clients.) . He does this in Afrikaans to be different. SEO Tip 5: You have to be unique and offer something different to expect good results.

SEO Tip 6: Be clever, try different things at all times. One of the best performing search terms for Francois website is the Afrikaans word for provisional tax. (Voorlopige belasting). He received an email from another company while still working as a financial manager for another company. This email was edited and used as an Afrikaans blog entry on his website. Sometimes other people do the hard writing work for you. Always make sure it is not published on the internet and that you at least customise it for your own business.

Anticipating his future move he started his website early. SEO Tip 7: You should thinking ahead and be realistic. Getting good at SEO requires patience and hard work.

SEO Tip 8: This monthly newsletter is a way for me to stay in touch with potential clients . There are other ways to market your website than relying on SEO alone.

SEO Tip 9: Do not use duplicate content. I will for the purpose of the newsletter copy and paste the Afrikaans blog on Search Engine Optimisation in the body of this newsletter. Once the email has been send I will edit the newsletter and turn it into a blog. I will also change the introductory paragraph because even your own content can be viewed as duplicate content. I can not use the same content that i use on another website and expect Google to be please.

SEO Tip 10: I will also change the heading of the newsletter after doing the mailshot. Headings are important.

Here is the Afrikaans blog explaining SEO. It can be read on this link :

Wat is Soekenjinoptimisasie (SEO)?

This blog was initialy our October newsletter. Later edited to be better suited for better SEO results.

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