Professional Facebook Pages with your Kwikwap Website

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We have great news.

You now can import your Kwikwap Website into your Facebook page!

We are the first web design company to offer this from a once off fee of R500. Other companies will charge R8,000 plus for something similar!

Just to refresh your memory.

This is what we do:

We can design a website with unlimited pages for only R2,500, and the website will be designed in front of your eyes, today, anywhere in South Africa. You will be in total control of your own website's design as we have developed the World's Easiest Website Design Software.

There is no catch, so why is it so cheap?

This is not the world’s first website design software, but we made 100% sure it is the easiest! Because our system is so user friendly, we can use normal people to develop your website. No longer do you have to pay a highly skilled developer to design or update your website. We talk your language!

Our monthly cost is only between R59 and R150 (+VAT) per month AND you get a complete tool to manage your website. Your consultant is always a phone call away if you need help.

Our website design software has many intelligent features that are activated at a click of a button, ensuring that your website always adheres to the latest website design standards. Our design templates are easy to understand and will ensure that your website has a unique and professional look.

If you can find better value for money web design anywhere, then we pledge to offer you a free website!

To get your website today please phone:

Melanie 076 8470492 Western Cape

Francois 0763 490772 Gauteng

(We are looking for agents to join us as well!)

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