Planning website development and combining it with Social Media Marketing

Example of planning your website and social media marketing efforts and using your time in doing so effectively:

We have decided to plan our website- and social media marketing efforts better for the month of March 2021. As most of our clients soon realise getting a website is the easy part. Getting results from your website or social media marketing efforts is a different story. It requires ongoing time and effort. (The more generic your business and the more competition in your industry the more effort and time is required to get desired results.) Sometimes the effort required is so fierce that it is better to go straight for Google AdWords.

Facebook has been around for a while now and over the years we have gotten many clients via Facebook. We spend a lot of time online on Facebook and would like to get more business from Facebook. Unfortunately, we are not rock stars, and getting a following on Twitter or Likes on our Facebook page is not that easy. We are simply not that exciting. The product and service we offer are though!

A vital part of ongoing planning is looking at your business case and value proposition, which sets you apart from your competitors. We have identified between and 10 and 12 points which set us apart from our competition. Doing this at the start of your new venture is important for both the business case and your website. Your website should quickly tell its visitors what it is that sets you apart from your competition. Writing down your value proposition also helps to identify keywords that should be covered in a natural way in your website text and definitely be contained in your website's main page title.

Three years ago we first sat down and wrote a blog on our value proposition. (As always it was first a newsletter and then became a blog.)

The blog can be found here:

For the month of March, we will revisit these listed points and generate at least 10 unique Facebook posts for the month. We will do a little bit of extra graphic work whilst doing the posts. Using pictures on Facebook does generate extra clicks. While we are busy with this we will look at ways to encourage people to share and interact with our posts. It can be done by combining some humor or offering a competition for shares and likes. 

Importantly each post will be preceded by a blog on this website, explaining the value proposition in a little more detail before the content is shared on Facebook and Twitter. Information on your website is indexed onto Google's index differently than content on a Facebook page. That's the problem with only having a Facebook page or only creating content on Facebook.

This is going to be a time-consuming exercise so we hope to get a return on the time spent. The rewards for doing this kind of work are almost never immediate although it can be. Some immediate rewards include being positive about our business and sharing the positivity on Facebook. Once done we will have a new bulleted list, listing our value proposition which can be used when introducing our company to new prospective clients. For those not convinced yet, we will also have a more detailed explanation of our company and value proposition.

As we progress we will list the links to the short blogs detailing our value proposition here:




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