May 2013 - News from Buddy Web Design and Kwikwap

Francois successfully presented two group training sessions in Pretoria during April for Kwikwap clients. The next Pretoria group training session will be on 25 May 2013 .

You can register here.

Monthly Cape Town group training sessions will be available from June 2013. Kwikwap HQ has relocated to Cape Town from Pretoria.

Francois will be assisting Melanie in Cape Town from Monday for the next 3 weeks to create websites and Internet Marketers.

Training is very important for us at Kwikwap and Buddy Web Design because we sell much more than websites.

We assist ordinary people to become internet marketers. To do this our clients get to:

  • Know how and where to measure results;
  • Know how search engines like Google works and
  • Know how to update your website content yourself

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Before doing so you might want to consider our Web Development Checklist:

Before you embark on your website development project, whether it is an upgrade or redesign of an existing or a brand new website, ask yourself these 20 questions:

  1. Are you trained in person how to easily update your own website (included in the website design fee)? Can you update your own website? If yes, have you been trained sufficiently to be confident enough to make the changes yourself?
  2. Will your webmaster ever pay a personal visit to your office or home?
  3. Does your website get found for generic search terms? This means that you should be found not only when people search for your company name, but for your type of products and services as well.
  4. Can you easily reach your webmaster on his cell phone?
  5. Does your webmaster have a countrywide support network and/or online help manuals?
  6. Does your webmaster keep your website's underlying structure up to date with the latest trends without charging you?
  7. Can you request a new webmaster without any repercussions or cost to you?
  8. Does your webmaster give you online access to hits and search term reports?
  9. Does your web development company ever have free training sessions to help you with your website and Google results?
  10. Can your webmaster offer you a fixed rate for a website of between 5 and 500 pages?
  11. Is your website e-commerce enabled without paying extra fees?
  12. Does your website pass the validator tests (tests to see if your website can be read by all PC's, cell phones and search engines)?
  13. Is your website 100% cell phone and PDA compatible?
  14. Does your webmaster use language that normal non-technical people can also understand?
  15. Can you change your website language at the click of a button?
  16. Does your website system have a free bulk sms and mailing list system included?
  17. Does your website allow you to quickly and easily build forms and surveys?
  18. Does your website have a built in events calendar, newsletter, advertising space, videos and map?
  19. Do you think the so called free websites that are offered on the internet will make you money and save you time?
  20. Does your website offer a special module for your specific industry or do your developers offer to develop you a module for free?



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