Manage your own website - Kwikwap Training : June 2013

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Our service is not web design or graphic design...the real service or product we sell is:

"We assist ordinary people to become internet marketers" - Our motto

A vital part of our service includes training people , not only to manage their own websites but also to understand how Search Engines like Google works. We do this because we want our clients to be successful in the long run. We have aligned our interests with those of our web design clients.

The current available forms of training include:

  • One on one training (Two 1,5 hour sessions are included in your R2,500 purchase of a Kwikwap Website)
  • Buddy Web Design's Online Training Program (Free in return for feedback)
  • Full Kwikwap System Training via Udemy (51 Videos and more and growing) (Currently retailing at a R500 special)
  • Group Training Sessions in Pretoria and Cape Town (R150)
  • Purchase of additional one on one training (R350 per 1,5 hr session)
  • Online Training Manual & Guides (Free with your website)
  • Online Tutorial (Free with your website)
  • One or two phone calls per month to your agent / consultant (Free with your website)

We have trained hundreds of people during the past 5 years in managing their Kwikwap Websites and we have seen how the Kwikwap product have evolved to be the system it is today.

More about the available training

One on one training

Most of our clients are trained in two training sessions. The first training session is broad and general whilst the second training session is to address specific issues / questions.

Buddy Web Design Online Training Program

We are busy finalising our Online Training Program which will work the same as a correspondence university. Currently the online training program is offered for free in return for feedback so that we can correct grammar and spelling and fine tune the Online Training Program. We hope to have the program finished by the end of June 2013.

Besides the training options there are also the option to opt out of training and pay R199 per month for i hour of monthly updates to your website.

Either way we will assist you to become an internet marketer!

Hope you have a great June 2013 and that you will join us on page 1 of Google soon!

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