Kwikwap Websites past 10 years

Regular Kwikwap Group training sessions are presented in Pretoria and Cape Town and sometimes in Durban as well. Sometimes people simply need a refresher or someone new at the company needs to take over the management of the software. Our software is so easy : sometimes it only takes a few minutes via Teamviewer - especially for the younger generation.

Kwikwap clients are protected by a client charter indicating what minimum services could be expected in return for the setup fee. A lot of Kwikwap Website designers opt to manage the websites for their clients as opposed to clients managing the website themselves. We at Buddy Web Design offer both options to our clients.

If interested in attending the next Pretoria training session you can read more about it and register on the following link:

Francois first presented Kwikwap group training sessions more than 10 years ago. What has changed during the past 10 years or so in the world of web design?

Getting online and staying online has become easier and cheaper. This also means that fighting for a a top spot on the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) has become more competitive.

None is more true in than in the accommodation industry with Google now , after reserving the first four top spots for adverts, also promoting large partner booking directory websites. On the other hand getting business for your business via Facebook has become easier with large specialised groups on Facebook.

When Kwikwap started the design capabilities of their software was very basic. Clients learned in a matter of minutes to do it themselves. Clients got excited to be online and to finally be in charge of their own websites. Our web design capabilities has increased ten fold over the last 10 years but it has also increased in difficulty meaning we do not training clients to do the designs themselves but do it for them. Clients still have the option to get training on the CMS (Content management System.)

Normal business people have become more used to web design acronyms such as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).


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