Kwikwap Training 2014

Francois Marais will once again be presenting Kwikwap Training during 2014 in Pretoria, Cape Town and possibly Durban.

Francois is one of the current 15 Kwikwap License holders besides the main Kwikwap / Kwikweb business owned by Eduard Marais and Chris Fahy.

We are currently sourcing input and planning for the 2014 Kwikwap Training sessions.

Francois has been with Kwikwap since the very early days and have witness some important changes during the past few years hence his specific viewpoint on what Kwikwap Group Training Sessions should address.

A lot has changed at Kwikwap as well as the environment in which we conduct our businesses.

What has not changed:

A Kwikwap Licensee is dependent on the success of their individual Kwikwap consultants who are in turn dependent on the success of their web design clients. (One very unique feature of our business is that all Kwikwap Consultants share in the monthly revenue / hosting which is why Kwikwap Clients and Kwikwap Consultants long term goals are firmly aligned). Clients will only remain using our product if they achieve the desired results.

Kwikwap has grown from a crude website builder to an advanced website builder

If Kwikwap was not as crude and easy when it all began a dummy like me would probably not have entered the web design world. For a little flashback and good laugh view below youtube video :


Kwikwap is my sole income and my future is integrated with the success of Kwikwap and my business. Old age and having no pension is no laughing matter!

I have realised that Kwikwap for me as a website designer as well as a License holder is a business that does grow, albeit not magically , not overnight. Hopefully when I have found and trained the right people I might experience a little magic.

It used to be easier to sell and train people when kwikwap was a a crude website builder. We now have an advanced website builder. I am proud to have clients like the in Cape Town. 

We now can attract seasoned graphic designers like to become web designers.

Where it once took 15 minutes to explain the different templates and how to change look and feel we, at Buddy Web Design, have taken responsibility for the look and feel. At the current R600 we outsource most of our design work to and or .

I will not include lenghthy training on the design division as it has become too advanced as a whole. We need clients that can afford R600 - R900 for a professional looking website.

In my opinion we could spend time training Kwikwap Consultants on the design division of Kwikwap.

I will be targeting to recruit two different types of new Kwikwap Consultants this year:

  • Strong sales people
  • Strong graphic designers / current small time web designers

The strong sales people will be guided to either only sell for me and do no training , have no further part in client training, the design process or support (and will receive no monthly revenue) or will be implored to solely make use of or .

Time will be spend as the strong graphic designers / current small time web designers bring new clients to the table. I often share their first few clients fees in lieu of the joining / training fee.

Google has improved

Since the beginning of time Kwikwap has been preaching the importance of content. With the Panda's , Pengiuns and Hummingbirds we have seen that Google now rewards our clients who have listened and penalises companies who have thought they were smart and tried short cuts like link building, hidden text, keyword stuffing. ( I now receive emails from companies in India who once offered link building now offering link removal services) .

I will strongly focus my training on the importance of proper content and doing the basics right. I will expand on what is regarded as proper content, how to add fresh content and show good Kwikwap examples.

In short I would like clients to outsource the look and feel and to focus on adding important content. I would like to see clients adding fewer photographs but more text with each photograph. I would like to see clients use higher quality photographs.

Kwikwap Value Added Items / Unique Feautures

The Kwikmail from Kwikwap seems like a very powerfull tool which should help us sell more Kwikwap Websites.

Our Mobi Website Builder also gives us an edge but few people properly set up the look and feel of their Mobi Website.

Things like the SMS Shortcode & QR Code generator will be covered during training as our consultants and clients should be made more aware of this. 

These value added items / unique feautures should also encourage exisiting website designers to join the Kwikwap fold.

Kwikwap Training Agenda

Above link is a link to the Kwikwap Training Agenda I have used during the last few training sessions.

I strongly feel that I want even less look and feel for clients but more of that for consultants. (Definite split in client /consultant training)

Social Media

I gather from various sources on the internet that Social Media Activity is playing a larger role in Search Results (Specifically Google + , Facebook and Twitter) . We have the facilities to link our websites to these platforms. This would also be covered . Basic with clients and more extensively with consultants.

Other license holders are welcome to join in co presenting these training sessions. This newsletter/blog is aimed at starting a discussion around the planned agenda and to generate feedback on Kwikwap Training for 2014. Please feel free to reply via email or comment below.











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