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News from Buddy Web Design and Kwikwap

Buddy Web Design has moved deeper into the deep South or the Southern Cape Peninsula and will be spending, God willing, two months based in the beautiful town of Kommetjie before moving to Welcome Glen in January. A lot of our web design work is based around tourism establishments and often the work is done online without meeting our clients in person. 

That is how easy the Kwikwap software is! (Below is a quick introductory video on the Kwikwap System.)

We have spend quite a bit of time on directory type information websites and facebook pages, always focused on a specific topic and geographical area. These kinds of websites normally only work when it is done differently. It takes a while for the SEO benefits to filter trough.

Some of these websites are :

  • (Afrikaans website on the Kruger National Park)
  • (Website focussed on property in the holiday town of Marloth Park)
  • (Free directory for anything horse related in the Wesetrn Cape)  

We are planning on visiting Marloth Park and the Greater Kruger National Park during June / July 2014 to mix a bit of pleasure with business.

We are very excited to have seen the launch of our new accommodation booking system which is linked to an online calendar system to display availability and can be linked to online payment gateways. This is sure to boost our business in the tourism industries.

2014 has seen some other dramatic product development and improvements to the Kwikwap System and most notably, besides the new accommodation booking system we have also seen the launch of the following:

  • Online Ticket Sales (Great for schools, clubs and leisure transport businesses
  • Electronic downloads (Selling of EBooks, Music and Designs) linked to sophisticated download methods ensuring downloads can only be done once

We have a suggestions and feedback system where our clients vote on what should be improved on next and where new suggestions can be made. If it will increase our general product offering and if there is a need for a specific module to be developed it will be done. We use modules which is similar to plugins found with web design software like Wordpress.

Our Mobi website designer has also seen some great improvements. People still mistake the size and importance of the mobile internet, especially in tourism hotspots like Cape Town and the Greater Kruger National Park.

We hope November is a good time to launch your website. We will still visit you at your place of business but you are welcome to take a slow drive to Kommetjie as well. It's summer and it's a bit laid back here so don't expect us to not wear slops and shorts. The town is really beautiful and the people friendly. 

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