Internship : more details

Here are some more details about the paid for Internship being offered. 

In fact this section is more for those who do not get the Internships but still like the idea, and still would like to learn a new skill and be able to start and run their own web design business.

In the previous blog entry on the paid for Internship opportunity we discussed the opportunity broadly.

In this section we discuss some more specific details as well as what to consider should you not be successful.

The position(s) have just been advertised on Gumtree as well at R5,000. Work is scarce in Cape Town, South Africa and people are often so desperate they will be happy to work for that kind of money. I am not looking to employ desperate people but to give people an opportunity while considering my own needs at the same time.

I should be able to easily afford these extra expenses by having my time freed so I can generate more sales for our company.Our average profit per website on the initial fees are R2,500. I only need to find two clients to break even after incurring these expenses.

This example is the start of your Business Coaching lesson. To grow any business you either need to employ people or to outsource certain functions. There is just no other way of growing your business.It is expected that you learn from me during your internship and this knowledge includes the knowledge of growing your business via employees or contractors.

As an alternative to employing an Intern I am willing to train people who are willing to go out and find possible web design clients. Buddy Web Design do have a full time sales representative operating mainly in the South Peninsula. We even have a product we are selling in areas adjacent to the Kruger National Park.( ) . We are also involved with a local Tradesmen Directory ( ) as well as a local Afrikaans tourism website ( ) .

These directories are products on their own but also great ways of meeting new potential web design clients for our main / (normal) business.

You will start of as an ad hoc sales representative and get training as you bring a new web design client to the table. You will have access to the online open source website marketing guide and course just like the Interns. We will take your unique situation into consideration and develop a roadmap for joint future success . Please bear in mind that I am not looking for people who want to do this as a hobby or part time.

So what work will you be doing ? What is this repetitive work being referred to?

The main repetitive work is website population be that a combination of client pictures and website text. We normally include training on our CMS software so that clients can themselves continue populating and developing their own websites. Repetitive work also includes doing pre listings for the mentioned directories. Repetitive work can also include the actual design of the website using graphic design programs such as Photoshop and by doing CSS Style sheet manipulation. It all depends on your strengths and how we see you going forward and starting your own web design business. The internship therefor is also more about helping you plan your own independent web design business.

Planning to start your own web design business is of vital importance. You need to consider all the different divisions which exists in any normal business and decide who is going to do what. Different people have over the past eight years developed their own businesses revolving around the use of the Kwikwap software.

Each person have looked at their strengths and found a way which works for them. During your internship this will be discussed with you else it all would be a waste of time. 

We will assist you in implementing your plan and continue assisting you after the internship as long as we agree on the road map for your business success and we see the actual results in line with the plan.

So even if you do not get the Internship there is a way to get going.

The Internships are targeted at school leavers who still reside with their parents and for whom R5,000 will be a lot of money but even older people are welcome if they understand that this is a 3 month training program and not a full time career. We hope you wnat to earn a lot more than R5,000 per month. The Internship is not for people without ambition of earning a decent income.

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