How to get he best results from your website

When you get a website from Kwikwap trough me you will be able to manage your website 100% yourself.

Here is a list of the most important aspects that one should consider when you manage your own website:

Use your own data

Be carefull when copying data from other websites. Search engines like Google can penalise you if you copy content from other websites. You can also infringe on the copyright and face legal lawsuits.If you really battle with the content writing of your website you can allways make use of the services of a professional scriptwriter.

Keep it simple

Generally the rule is that the more data you use on your website the better you will do in organic searches on search engins. (Organic search results is where you are found when people search using terms like "pretoria web designer" as opposed to searching for your name) People however do not have time these days to read trough pages and pages of information. You should present your information in such a way that a website visitor can easily navigate to get the information he or she wants.

Call to action

Each web page of your website should have a call to action. In most cases you want a website visitor to either purchase something or to request a quote. It is a good idea to include at least one contact number in your logo or display it on each page of your website. A request a quote button or image is a must.

Use all relevant and available modules

Please see the document "How to improve Google Results" .

This document will tell you that " Your website is only as good as the DATA it contains. The more competitive the industry you are in the better the quality and quantity of the data of your website need to be to achieve good results on Google.

Get help from a Graphic Designer

Most templates require that you have a Logo. It looks very cheap when you do not have the right software and you attempt to create your own Logo.I have contacts of professional Graphic Designers who can design a great Logo for your website at R500. A Logo can make or break the Look and Feel of your website.

Make use of Youtube videos

You can very effectively communicate with your customers trough a youtube video. You make your own videos and then upload them to Youtube. In itself this can give you extra exposure on the internet.

For an example of the very effective use of a video please see: 




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