How to become a Kwikwap Consultant with Buddy Web Design

Thank you for considering Buddy Web Design to assist you to become a Kwikwap Consultant.

There are two options when deciding to join Kwikwap trough Buddy Web Design

Option 1

Pay R2,500 for training of about 4 hours split into a maximum of 3 sessions

Pay R171 pm and expect to get a few free phone calls and emails per month to guide you further

You get more technical training and you immediately get your own code with Kwikwap.

Option 2

You get an introduction of no longer than 1 hour.

You source your first 3 clients.

You use a general code to create the websites.

We assist you with your first 3 clients as if they were clients of our own.

We share the revenue of the first 3 clients as follows:

Client Buddy Web Design New consultant
1 R1,500 R1,000
2 R1,250 R1,250
3 R1,250 R1,250

Your licence holder is Francois Marais and Louis Marais CA(SA) . Louis is a full time practising auditor based in Pretoria whilst Francois travels between Pretoria and Cape Town.

Francois will be very keen to assist you as much as possible with your development of your Kwikwap consultancy as long as you prove that you can sell a product which sells itself.

KISS (Keep it simple stupid)

We assist people to become internet marketers.

We do this by creating a website for them

We explain to them how Google works and we show them how to update their website content

We do the look and feel for our clients (it is highly recommened to outsource this function to .

People who use our websites and proper content usually appear on page 1 of Google

Our product has many unique feautures such as also being a mobi website, have a built in sms system and many more.

You need to ask as many people as possbile the following simple questions:

1.) Do you have a website?

2.) Are you happy with your website?

3.) Can you make changes to it yourself?

4.) Is your website mobile friendly?

5.) Does your website appear on page 1 of Google?

Remember the import saying : selling is not telling.

We are more interested in working with people who can sell than with technical or creative people. We can either assist or outsource that function to or even .

Once you have sourced your first 3 clients you will be given a code of your own. We will continue to assist you to develop your business and help you on a case by case basis. A few phone calls and emails are free but should the need be , we will negotiate a further fee, example where you need help with logos or stylesheets or client training etc.

Our main aim though is to get you to be able to work on your own as much as possible after the first three clients.

Your monthly agency fee of R171 will be deducted from your commission.


Client   Client pays Agent gets
    (Vat inclusive)
1 Level 2 R112,86 R49,50
2 Level 2 R112,86 R49,50
3 Level 3 R171,00 R75,00
4 Level 3 R171,00 R75,00
5 Level 1 R67,00 R40,00
Sub-total     R289,00
Less: Agency fees     (R171,00)
         Bank charges     (R12,50)
Net monthly commission     R105,50

You get the full setup and training fee of R2,500

You may charge for for things like:

  • Photographic services
  • Graphic design services
  • Website Copywriting

You can build up a nice recurring revenue over time which you are entitled to as long as you are willing and able to take one or two phone calls from your clients after the initial training.

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