Google Results - How Long?

Three recently completed websites have prompted me to write this newsletter.

All three of these websites are in the accommodation industry, a very competitive place when it comes to page 1 of Google results.

These three websites are : (not quite finished as renovations are not completely finished)

This newsletter will discuss what these clients can do in order to improve their website's visibility as well as alternative marketing solutions.

Before we discuss anything further please watch the following Youtube video on How Google Search Works.



Please note the importance of:

Titles ,How many times Keywords appear, Keyword in URL, Quality websites vs Spammy Websites, Page rank (quality inbound links)

What is the current situation?

The clients are expecting to get business from their websites. For this to happen the websites firstly need to be found when people Google things like : Noordhoek Cottages , Noordhoek Self Catering Accommodation , Kleinmond Accommodation , Kleinmond Guesthouse , Constantia Cottages , Constantia Self Catering Accommodation.

Secondly the websites need to entice people to make a booking enquiry. The websites need to look good and their should be a call to an action. Eg buttons which read "make a booking now" .


What are the clients doing wrong?

As of today all three websites have a poorly developed FAQ section. Frequently asked questions.




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