Future of the Web

I have been spending a lot of time reading and writing  as opposed to simply being a web designer. I am writing an Ebook aimed at my typical client because I am not interested in doing anything else. I simply help small business owners to get a website and do well with their websites on search engines.

In order to sell well I need to keep things simple like : I will help you to have a nice website (see our portfolio) for R2,500. You can manage the website yourself, have unlimited pages, enjoy the fact that you are backed by the largest web design company in South Africa etc.

But I have a pretty good idea to where we are heading with our websites and search engines.

More and more people are going to become educated on the importance of having a website and importance of investing time and money into the development of their websites. Website owners wil really need to up the ante when it comes to investing in their website development.

The more I learn the more i realise the shortcomings on my own website. But I also notice the strenght of our product. Clients who have followed our advice and worked on the content of their websites, spend a little bit of money on a revamp regarding the look and feel of their websites are seeing the benefits.

These benefits are real tangible benefits and there is a demand for a service of offering continous web development services. It is not that things are becoming more difficult. It is the opposite. Things are becoming easier day by day. Clients are gaining in knowledge. Clients are trusting us and our methods more because it works.

I have never been interested in offering copy writing services or advanced Google webmaster help for the serious client. I have been happy on getting involved and then moving onto the next client. We build a nice recurring revenue without having to worry much after the clients have received proper training. But there is such a need for additional services like help with Google Places, help with Google Adwords (currently on offer by Kwikwap Head Office), Keyword Planning.

How do we continue to offer specialised services at a low rate? We can't. Our own time is too valueable for us. But clients will realise the value of our products and the need for additional services and so will their competition. Search Engines are winning the battles against spammers and forcing big an dsmall businesses to work the way they want us to work. Have a great quality content website. Everyone in the market place is realising it. Some are acting upon it now and some will later.

The future looks bright for profesional website copy writers, business owners who do actual research, Google Adwords specialist.

When we sell websites we will start telling our clients to budget for future visits  and assistance with all the extras. The goal posts are not changing. The quaity of competition is improving. The quality of information on the internet. Our clients are also catching on and they are not scared to reinvest in their websites which is bringing in money for them.

Quite often when new clients get onboard they are looking for the cheapest solution. Initially we do offer the cheapest solution. And if clients do the updates themselves then we offer a cheaper monthly solution as well. But we have the opportunity to offer further services at also cheaper rates mainly because our clients are partners in the solution since they themselves will gain experience.

We are in a great position with our product and our clients are our partners in the quest to have the best product available. The alternatives in the market place are simply way too expensive and old school.

But your competition will not let your success go unnotice and will soon sign up as well.

Bottom line:

Time and money will go towards creating great content, improving call to action requests , our join in mailing list etc.

The idea of the book i am putting in the market place is called inbound marketing. You offer a great Ebook for free and people join your mailing list. You then have the opportunity to engage with them via your monthly newsletter or two weekly newsletter. Inbound marketing is a whole different concept to an SEO marketing strategy. Once you hook the fish your website needs to be perfect. No longer can i afford the spelling mistakes and bad grammer. 

Just a  blog entry. Sorry if I have lost you. If you have read this far then I haven't lost you! cool

If i follow advice I would spell check, rewrite, think, edit. Simply not enough time. 2 in the morning. time for bed!

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