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Replace your Woza Online website: Free website offer / 1,000 new website templates

Have you lost your free South African website due to Woza Online shutting down? We are finally able to offer a free website. We also provide website hosting services which is why we are able to offer a free website. Hosting starts at R150 per month. For this we will do 1-2 updates per month as well. We do not offer custom design on the free website offer. We also do not travel or offer training on the free website offer. These services or other services such as SEO consulting can be purchased at a later stage. We will be adding about another 1,000 templates during the month of June 2015 to choose from. Professional designs start from as little as R700.

Live Content Editor

Kwikwap now offers a live content editor meaning that changing the content of your website can not be easier. It is as if you are actually typing on your current website and saving while you view your whole website and click trough. This should be a great tool for people scared of the idea of managing their own website.

Client Reseller - Multi Level Marketing Option

We are also excited to announce the launch of a client reseller option. This option is only R100 a month more expensive than the normal monthly hosting of R150. For R250 you can recruit clients for us and we will pay you commission. Those clients can also recruit other clients. You will receive commission paid back to you. It is a legal multi level marketing business because the underlying product is a fully functional website, professional domain and email address.

This option can be taken in conjunction with the free website option. Usually the first people to join a Multi Level Marketing venture make the most money so do not delay.

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