February Newsletter - What is new at Kwikwap Websites?

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What information do we need to start your website?

Because you receive training and will be able to manage your website yourself you do not need to have the information 100% perfect to get started. (You will be able to edit the website 100% yourself).

Basic information to get started:

·        About your business ( What you do, where you do it etc, history)

·        Description and pictures of your products and services

·        Frequently asked questions by your clients and the answers

Once we have created the basic website framework and taken you trough the back office of your website management portal you will fully understand what further information can be added on a website.

New at

We have changed our domain and business name to since Francois Marais and Melanie Schoeman have teamed up to jointly offer web design services in Cape Town and Pretoria. Best friends since school days more than 20 years ago, by combining their creative talents they are now able to offer better web design and development services to the public.

Our slogan is All the way because we assist our clients all the way until they are running and managing a successful website and the money is in the bank.

We offer two or three on site training sessions until you are able to manage the website yourself.

New at

Francois has also become a Kwikwap Franchise holder meaning that we are looking at employing potential Kwikwap Consultants anywhere in South Africa. More information on the home business opportunity is available at . (Ezeweb being the name of the new Kwikwap Franchise. ) After seeing the development and growth with Kwikwap since inception four years ago Francois decided that it is just too good an opportunity to pass up on. That must tell you something about just how good Kwikwap is!

Please forward our details if you know of someone who might be interested in becoming a web design consultant.

New at Kwikwap

One of the benefits of getting a website from Kwikwap is that the programmers keep on improving the product at no cost to our clients. (We just end up selling more websites.)

Just have a look at the latest available features which have been added to the Kwikwap system during the last few months:



Script Writing
We can help you to do scriptwriting and search engine optimization on your website. It will give you better exposure, which will give you more leads and more cash in your pocket and the best possible return on your website investment. Have your website moved up to the first page on Google search results within 6 weeks and maintain the spot. Check under Value Added for more details.


Kwikwap Logo Design
You can now get a professional logo designed for your company from Kwikwap. As a starter promotion Logo's will be designed at no cost to you. This promotion will be running for a short period only and can be found under Value Added and then Kwikwap Logo Design from the left menu. 3 Logo's will be designed per request and you will have a choice between them. The logo you choose will then be emailed to you in a high quality format so you can use it on Letterheads, Business Cards etc.


Resizable Animated Banner
We have added new settings to the animated banner so that you can resize it as you wish eg. 800px x 400px. Or if you don't know the banner size it will take the size of the first image you uploaded.


New Animated Header / Logo
We added an animated banner facility for the Logo space which allows you to build a flash type header. The images are shown in a slide show and the text can move. Bonus: this is better than Flash as Google can read the text and this is the easiest way on the planet to create Flash. Find it at Look&Feel -Change Logo - Animated Banner


Skype Name
You can now add your additional contacts skype details to their listing.


Save Website Designs
Now you can save Set template designs in the Look & Feel section so that you can come back to them later. This is currently only available to Set Templates.


Online Ordering Improvements
In order to make the online shopping / ordering / quoting work better we made the following improvements: 1. You can now rename Go To Checkout (e.g. to Make Appointment) 2. You can now remove the Shipping Address (for instances where customers collect their goods) 3. The Order Now buttons are much prettier now 4. When a person orders something there is an arrow that moves to the shopping cart at the top 5. The shopping cart colours have been improved


CSS Stylesheet help manual
You asked for it and we listened ... we have added a Help Manual that explains how the CSS Stylesheet works on the Set Templates. It can be found at Look & Feel -> Template Colours -> Edit Stylesheet (Advanced). Look out for the download buttons.


Animated Banner Improved
You can now make the Text on the Animated Banner (under Homepage) move around. The Animated Banner has become twice as powerful now and the search engines can read the text on the banner (which makes it much better than traditional flash). Soon you will also be able to use the Animated Banner to make a Header Logo - watch this space.


Custom Background
Now you can set more options with your Custom Background. You can decide to Tile it or not, have it scroll with your website or be still on the background. Then you can also choose where the image you are loading must be displayed. Top Left, Center or Right. This can be found under the Look & Feel of your website.


Directory Module
The Directory Module enables you to have different levels of Products & Services which are searched by a series of search bars. For example one could search for a certain BRAND of shirt and then SIZE and then COLOUR. Or for accommodation e.g. you start by searching for Province, then City and then Suburb etc. It is a very powerful tool but a little on the complicated side – be sure to read the instructions very carefully and play around a bit.


We have added a Translator Tool to all websites. Now visitors can translate your website into a whole lot of foreign languages with a click of a button. For the time being it is going to be on all websites and you do not have the option to disable it (why someone would want to disable it we can't yet comprehend ;-) ####UPDATE#### You can now activate/deactivate the mailing list button, the translator and the share button at business information under Admin & Reports

13. automatic feed is SA's leading electronic shopping mall. You can now automatically have your Products that are available on your Kwikwap website also in the Jump portal. You will have to be on Level 3 and have your online ordering activated. You will need to supply Jump with your XML feed which you can find under Online Ordering. An XML feed is a fancy word for "a lot of data"


Autoresponder - automatic emails ala Majestic Interactive
This allows you to send out communications automatically at pre-determined intervals to certain groups of people. It can be found under Communicate with Customers. Only available to Level 3 clients. This section contains the following menu items / functionalities: - Add a new Newsletter to Autoresponder - Update / Delete an existing Newsletter - Manage Autoresponder Subscribers - Change Autoresponder Order/Sequence - Autoresponder settings there is is no extra charge to use this facility (but you have to be on Level 3)


Contact Us - Additional Contacts Images
Now you can load a photo for each additional contact you load under the Contact Us section. This can make the experience for the website visitor a little more personal.


Data Sheet Module
Add a link to searchable database on your website where your clients can search for a specific number / word( student number) and get information unique to that number / word that will be displayed in a table. Your table can be up to 20 columns wide. You would use this for example if you were to search student grades based on the student number or name.


Caravan Module
We have developed a new Caravan Listing module. This module is similar to the Motor Dealer module but has more field specific to the Caravan Dealer industry.


Fax to Email
Do you want a fax to email number? You can now get one at no charge in the Kwikwap System. Check Value Added for more information. (This is available to all clients)


SMS Shortcodes
For our level 3 clients you can now register a shortcode that your clients can sms to. We have acquired a short sms number (37995) and you can apply for a keyword which you can advertise and clients can sms to for more information.

Go to Value Added and find the Keyword system there.


Homepage animated slideshow / banner
This is the most exciting feature we have launched in a long time … you can now quickly and easily make a beautiful banner that is displayed on your homepage. The banner can show many different pictures with text on it. To test it go to Homepage and then click on the box that says …animated banner…


Enquire now buttons
You can now add Enquire Now buttons to your Products & Services pages. These buttons then brings up a small enquiry form which the site visitor completes and you then get an email with the enquiry (an SMS facility will be added as well one of these good days)


Mobile Website Customise
Now you can change the colours of your Mobile Website without affecting your Traditional one. In the new look and feel section under Colours there is a new option called "Mobile Website Colours". Choose the colours here to make the most of your Mobile Website.


Surveys / Forms on any webpage
This is probably the most exciting feature to hit the shelves in a long time: You can now publish your Surveys / Forms to most webpages. It is very simple, you first create the Survey / Form and then you choose on which pages you want the form to show. The possibilities are endless. E.g. add a Contact Form, Order form, Registration form or Rating form to a webpage!


Under Construction
There is now an option in the ‘Business Information’ section where you can change your website’s main page to say ‘Under Construction’ if you would like to work on your website (whilst not showing the public what you are up to; until you are ready to showcase your masterpiece)


You can now change the order of the FAQ's on your website.


Measuring the clicks on adverts
The clicks on your adverts can now be tracked under the ‘advertisement’ section. (the adverts are the four block at the bottom of your website)


New Template Management System
There is no a new Template Look & Feel system where you can make all the changes to your website from one central place.
The main changes are that you can now customise the Set Templates by adding your own logo (to most of them that have a space for a logo) and you can also change the templates images to better suite your company.
The other new option with the Set Templates is you can edit the Style Sheet directly. (this is an advanced option and should be used carefully)


Hits Report
The Hits report for the websites has been returned to the Management Portal.


Product Allocation in Groups
You can now allocate 1 product to multiple groups in the Products & Services section


3 Level Products
You can now have your Products & Services in Three Levels. In other words put them into Main Groups and then Sub-groups. You can activate this feature under Additional Modules.


Online Rental Module
You can now offer your Products & Services available for rent. This module gives basically two things: 1) an "order form" which then forwards a quote to the customers 2) to Date From and Date To is chosen by the client The client can add many items to his or her basket and submit the enquiry.


Images in Website Links
You can now load one image per Link in the Website Links Section


Documents & Brochure Groups
Now you can put your Documents and Brochures into groups.


Protected Area
Now you can add modules to the protected area. If you do this then your website viewers will only be able to see the selected content IF they have a username and password. Items you can add are:

Accommodation Booking Module
Appointment Booking Module
Vehicles Module
Bike Module
Boat Module
Events Calendar
Documents & Brochures
Estate Agent Module
Photo Gallery
Additional Pages
Loan Application Module
Specials & Promotions


One thing you can be sure off is that the Kwikwap product will continue to improve step by step and that this is the way of web design going forward!

The new buzzword with software is SAAS. Software as a service!

We will keep on listening to our clients and improving on our product in order to meet the market need.

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