CMS Web Design Training - Cape Town May 2014

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A general description of our product offering is the following:

A mobile enabled , unlimited pages website which can be e commerced enabled.

We have 3 different packages plus a very special offer for May 2014. Prices depends on whether you require the following or not:

Professional custom design
Custom design, advanced graphics

Package Description Initial Cost
May 2014 Cape Town only Training will be offered on 3 May and 10 May in groups of between 3 and 8 people. 1 hour onsite training at our place of business is offered. (Venue will be either Brackenfell or Plumstead) R600
Package 1 Small business website - 3-5 pages. No training. Pay extra per month for updates. Professional custom design and graphics R1,250
Package 2 Onsite training (1-3 sessions) . Template based. No extra graphics or HTML / CSS design R2,500
Package 3 Onsite training (1-3 sessions) . Custom design and graphics R3,100

Other initial fees:

New domain registration = R200

Monthly fees = between R99 and R200 plus VAT. (Average / most popular = R150 plus Vat)

Hosting with Kwikwap / Software rental is compulsary

How to get your website to page 1 of Google

Most of our clients want to be on page 1 of Google. Visit and get the free E-Book written by Francois Marais with our typical clients in mind. Busy small business owners with a limited budget. Page 1 of google is important for us since it means happy clients and a long term relationship with our clients.

But what makes the Kwikwap System unique?

  • Our software is continually improved and kept up to date with the latest trends. You benefit by not having to redesign your website every few years. (You can change the look and feel of your website without having to change the software.)
  • You also get a built in sms and email system. (Even automatically sms clients on their birthdays.)
  • You get ongoing support from both Melanie and Francois
  • Our training is focussed on asisting small business owners to page 1 of Google
  • You get unlimited pages
  • We can custom design a specific module if there is a market for it.

Some of our current clients in Cape Town include:

For further enquiries please email us:  (0745470221) (0768470492)

Please consider forwarding this email to a friend and get discount on your own website. (You need to cc us in the email to your friend to qualify for this discount.) We can offer R500 on package 1 - 3 for a succesfull referal.

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