Case study : Web Design Client

Introduction : Getting good Google Results for a small specialist service provider in Cape Town

We have been asked by a web design client based in Cape Town to design their website and to get top SEO or Google Results for them. These clients were previously making use of Woza Online and they were relatively successful with their free websites from Google / Woza Online.

Do the basics well

This is the clients second website seeing the client has two different businesses.

The first business is and the second business is .

The client is fairly satisfied with the first website (I am not yet satisfied) . The client had done the basics well but now we need to find that extra time to do better than the basics.

I run the risk of creating duplicate content on my website seeing this is a question I get asked very regularly and I have tried dealing with the specific issue on many occasions. Repeating the same content , either by repeating it on your own website or by copying it from other websites is frowned upon by search engines like Google.

Here is a short summary:

1.) There is no short cut to getting Google Results. ( It is not only about key words and titles and popping them in.)

2.) Although it is not only about key words and titles, choosing the right Keywords and titles is very important. This however needs to be substantiated with proper website text.

3.) Doing the basics well is super important:

Using this client as example:

1.) The domain name chosen is excellent as it contains what the client does.

2.) The Title of the webpage - the main title is very important

3.) Without ignoring other pages , important pages like your home page and your about us page need to include the right words. Words that people would type when doing a Google search. Start off with the Basics eg:

Cape Town Mini and Full Moves provided by Mini Moves since 1988. Looking for cheap to affordable rates to move household contents in and around Cape Town. Then look no further than Mini Moves!

4.) Develop a proper and complete faq section. (Tip look at your email inbox and outbox for possible frequently asked questions to be included in your website text.)

5.) On the services page, seeing that a specialist service is provided and there is not many different products and services at least include a description of the different pricing options.

6.) Build a list of references, of people you have recently done work work and mention the areas.

Remember that time is money

To get results from search engines you either need to pay them or really have an up to date informative website to feature on page 1 of Google.

Either you need to spend time on your website copy or pay someone to do it for you or at least to assist.

How much time you spend on your website text or how much to spend on Google advertising depends on various factors including your gross profit per client and whether you wil be building Goodwill or not. Google works on a bidding system where the person prepared to pay the most on a specific instant get the best results for a specific search term.

Google is very logic and no longer a mystery. It rewards efforts on providing good and relevant information. It works with Algorithms. Our software takes care of creating Meta Tags and Title descriptions. Client need only worry about the English text. We do the behind the scenes stuff which is important for Search Engines. Stuff like submitting your website to Google's Index and making use of Google Webmaster Tools to monitor results.

A recent update of Google has included that local search results become more important. This coupled with the discontinuation of Woza Online makes it imperative for small businesses to also register for free on Google my business.

Remember : You always get what you pay. There is no such thing as a free lunch. If that was the case we all would be millionaires. Study the websites on page 1 of Google. Learn from them . Do not steal or copy but be better. Give Google a reason to rank you well.

Having other websites link to you is also a good idea. But keep it natural. Ask a customer or supplier or even a similar organization in a different location to link to your website. Only try have quality websites linking to you. Do not partake in link farm building as Penguin will kick your but. That is another major update by Google where link farming or getting a high number of links from low quality websites will see a website being penalized.

In extreme competitive industries the cheapest way to get results, after being satisfied with your design , is to pay Google to advertise while you focus on your main business. Ask yourself why your competition is advertising. It must be working for them.

Remember to have a good call to an action on your website to convert traffic and remember to keep investing time / money in your website if it works for you.

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