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News at Buddy Web Design

You can read our newsletter/blog on our website since we regularly add information on SEO (Getting your website on the front page of Google.) Francois is currently working on a tight deadline to publish an Ebook on SEO. The book is written with you , our typical customer , the small business owner in Southern Africa in mind.

We speak your language and will not confuse you with high level technical jargon. It is in our best interest for our clients to get good results from their websites. During training we will share with you how search engines like Google work.

What should you, our next client be doing right now?

It is a good idea that you Google for a few search terms which you would like to be found for on the internet. You will find your competition's websites. Please study them and look at the quality and quantity of information on those websites. You will need to supply more than equal quality content  to be found on those first pages of Google. Definitely do not copy the content off those websites. That is one thing search engines do not like.

You have to give Google a reason to display your website on the first page of Google.

The more unique your business the easier it becomes.

Watch this short video from Google on How Search Works.

It makes sense understanding How Search Works since you will have a website which you will be able to manage yourself or pay us R50 p.m. to do the updates for you. (You still have to supply the important content). We sometimes even assist with website copywriting.

One way or the other we will assist you with getting a beautiful website and developing a strategy for marketing the website. Whether it is trough business cards, SEO as described or Google Advertisements we have a solution for you.

Just to recap. Our web design pricing starts from R1,250 - R3,999 depending on various factors. Please see our website for details.

Have a blessed February 2014! Don't forget to book the best seats for Valentines day today! (It helps to plan ahead and so it applies with your web design project.)

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