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We have been asked to assist in marketing the website of .

The first thing we notice is that currently, the domain does not have a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate associated with it. Certain browsers will prevent people from even visiting the website. This situation does not bode well for the indexing of the website by search engines like Google. Doing a does not show any indexed pages by Google.

We will transfer the website content and website domain to our user-friendly Kwikwap platform where all modules are developed in-house reducing the risk of the website being hacked. Another huge advantage of the Kwikwap platform is that normal people can easily manage the content of the website. Normally one or two 30-minute online training sessions are all that is needed for the average person to learn how to manage the content of the website. We will ensure that the domain gets a SSL certificate.

The initial cost and training will cost R1,050. (3 hours work)

We will activate, at the click of a button modules like faq's (frequently asked questions), blog, testimonials and assist the client in turning their value proposition (that which sets them apart from the competition) into a key word rich about us and home page text which is still important for on-site SEO purposes.

Optional graphic design (Logo) can be done at R700. (2 hours work) Other optional graphic designs ( designing creative call-to-action graphics/buttons) can be discussed. 

We train our clients on how search engines like Google work so that we can enter into a partnership with our clients in order to get sustained long-term results. We will provide a better framework for a website than the current website. Our software automatically creates a sitemap which is easily submitted to Google using Google search console.

Below is one of our all-time favorite videos explaining how search works:

It is very important for us that clients understand from the outset what their roles are in ensuring that the website gets found and indexed by search engines such as Google. The client needs to consider and give us +- 10 keywords that they would like to be found for. In a natural way these key words must be covered in the website text. 

We also will assist the client in getting a Google my business page which is extremely important when people do location-based searches eg Somerset West Web Designers. ( Do a google search and see Buddy Web Design on Google Maps via their Google my business page.) You will not be found on Google Maps without a Google my business listing.

An hour can be added for the Google my business listing and training at R350.

The total cost thus R2,100. 50% deposit upfront and the balance when done. This is without logo design or complex custom web design.

Another optional cost would be - and it seems it is needed - assistance in writing proper website copy. This can be discussed.


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