Affordable Web Design Packages

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Another affordable web design solution

We have made our web design services even more affordable by adding an option of getting your website for R600 by opting to attend one of our monthly group training sessions in either Cape Town or Pretoria. A key feauture of our product offering is that you get training which enables you to manage the content of your website.

The R600 still buys you a professional design which includes custom graphics and CSS Stylesheet manipulation.

We can afford to offer our websites at cost because we earn approxiametly half of the hosting money.

We are in it for the long run and if our clients stay with us then we make money.

Clients only stay with us if they get results which normally entails having an attractive website with traffic which converts into business. Francois has written a book and is still working on the topic of SEO for our typical client. This book can be downloaded at .

It is envisaged that these special training sessions take place on Saturdays once we have a minimum of 3 new clients taking up the offer.

There is an online training program as well which can be found on .

Our normal web design packages still apply.

It can be viewed on our website in the section services .

Work opportunities

We are also looking for resellers (people who do what we do) as well as part time and full time sales representatives. This work from home opportunity can be practised from anywhere in Southern Africa. You do not need to be a skilled graphic designer or programmer. We have people who take care of that.

More information on the different income opportunities can be found on .


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