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This months newsletter covers our very affordable website design services, SEO Tips, upcoming Kwikwap CMS training and the latest news on places visited in Cape Town and the South Peninsula.

Cheap to Affordable Professional Web Design Services

We now can truly claim to offer the cheapest to most affordable professional web design services in Cape Town. We now even have included a free web design offer.

How can we afford to be so cheap or affordable with our web design services?

It is no secret that we receive most of the monthly hosting fees. This means that over the years we have build up a residual monthly income. The average hosting fee of R150 will only be paid as long as our clients receive more value and we are in a win / win situation with our clients.

This is one of the main reasons we go trough great lenghts to explain how to be successfull on the internet.

Our initial web design fees are negotiated and this depends on the following factors:

  • Do you require training or not? (We include 1-2 small changes per month for clients opting not to receive training.)
  • Do you require a professional custom design or not? (R700 will buy you a professional custom design from our in-house designers.)
  • Do we need to travel to you or are you willing to travel to us? (Time is money and fuel costs money.)
  • Is this your second or third website. (We normally only need to train you once on on our Software.)
  • Can we do the training online. (Sometimes it is more effective to train online seeing the client gets into the driving seat immediately.)
  • Do you require online shopping or a directory module to be activated. (We will quote before we undertake any work.)

Pretoria and Cape Town Kwikwap Training

Francois traveled to Pretoria to present the Kwikwap group training sessions on 27 June 2015. The training session was attended by about 20 Kwikwap clients. The next training session Francois will present will be in Cape Town on 1 August 2015 and then again on 8 August 2015 in Pretoria.

Recommended further reading on the internet

Here is a link to great article on Google. (Past, present and future)

Important to remember (SEO Tips)

  • There are other ways to market your website than to wait for Google Results - Take this newsletter for example.
  • Headings are important ( We will change the heading of our monthly newsletter which will be published on our website once the email has been distributed.) We wil also delete the standard introductory paragraph. We need to bypass Spam filters when emailing but we need to use a more effective heading on our webiste. Google also dislikes duplicate content and could see our standard introductory paragraph on our monthly newsletter as duplicate content. It is difficult to write about web design and keep it interesting.

New templates

We are eagerly awaiting the launch of 1,000 more templates. The current range can be manipulated via CSS Style sheets and unique graphics to create a professional custom look but this would enable more people to be DIY designers and achieve a reasonable result. Our preferred way is still to make use of professional designers and focus on the content to get good SEO results.

Cape Town and South Peninsula Places

Recent fun and interesting places we have visited include Cape Point Ostrich farm. (Close to Smutswinkel Bay) The kids enjoy feeding the ostriches (and so do we). I was fascinated by seeing crocodile leather handbags selling for R60 k plus.

Camelot Restaurant in Scarborough is under new management and the craft beer sold tastes great. We are definitely considering the Sunday fish braai's at R60 per person. 

We visited Simonstown Country club and enjoyed a delicious Sunday lunch at R70 per person. Well worth the money.

We also recently enjoyed some great fresh Pizza at the Lighthouse Pub and Grill in Kommetjie.

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