Writing good newsletters / blog entries on your website

I spend quite a bit of  time online searching for news on the technology front, especially news on Google and Social Media. I often share the good articles on our face book page. I try and keep up to date myself with changes and i would like to keep our face book page interesting.

So tonight I am doing something different. I am writing my very own blog entry so I can share it on our face book page. And the topic: "writing good newsletters / blog entries on your website"! lol! (For those who do not know "lol'' is an acronym for laugh out loud. Sorry that's the teacher in me coming out. 

Why do i reckon i can write articles that are right up there with the best articles journalists can come up with?When English is not even my first language? Sure I have spoken and written this language for 25 years plus but i do know that bad habits have crept in and people are often too polite to correct bad grammar. Thank God for spell checkers! lol!

Well I am a specialist in what I do and without realising it I have become one of the best at what I do. We do not cater for the large corporations but for the smaller individual / company that wants a CMS Website. (Content Management System). We assist ordinary people to become internet marketers. In general small businesses do not have the same kind of budgets as larger corporate's do.

I am a specialist in what we do. I can write for a very specific target market.

The same applies for each and every successful small business owner. If you manage to stay in business long enough it means that you are good enough and it means that you are some kind of a specialist in what you do. You need that special knowledge no one else have ( not close enough to your customers ) before you need the skill to be able to write newsletters / blog entries.

I enjoy writing so besides the fact that I can get more traffic to my website by adding more content like this blog entry I get some satisfaction from the writing itself. It does help to have a talent and to enjoy writing.


You first need to know your product and service and your customers. You have to offer something unique.

The good news!

You do! You are probably a specialist serving customers in a specific geographical area with specific products and services and you are most definitely unique. You do not need fancy tricks to get people to visit your website. You simply need to be yourself and to write a good website and keep your customers informed via monthly newsletters / blog entries.

We also use our monthly newsletter to remind potential customers that we want to do business with them. We use the mailing list in our website for that specific purpose. By looking at the size of our actual mailing list we know if we have been engaging enough potential customers. 

Google has recently started to give more weight to fresh content on websites. This newsletter in itself is new information so it would contribute to us getting more visitors for free to our website. Have a look at the rest of our newsletter / blog section of our website. We do not write those articles because we are bored!

If you are not good at writing ask someone you trust to help you write a monthly newsletter. You can decide whether you want to email that newsletter (from your website) to all the people in your mailing list or selected groups within your mailing list. You have to decide like us whether you want to include both current and potential customers or like us to only include potential customers in the mailing list. (We use the Kwikwap mailing system for marketing to potential customers as explained previously)

I have found that the single most common reason for people not getting the results they were hoping for with their website is that they do not invest enough time in writing proper content for their websites, thereby being ignored by search engines.

As more and more people are getting easy to manage CMS websites the more important having a fresh , up to date , frequently updated website. Our product, a website from Kwikwap is actually more than a CMS Website. Not only can our customers manage the content of their websites but they can also manage the whole look and feel of the website if they wish. There are also other useful tools like the sms system and easy access to reporting tools giving insight as to where visitors to the website come from and what exactly they were searching. 

We use words like CMS Website and words like Web Designer to describe who we are and what we do but we are actually much more than that. We should substitute the word Content for Complete. Eg Complete management system website. And the words web designer to something like Internet and Web Management Teachers. 

As with all other new technology the words don't even exist to describe exactly what we do.

So if you are one of our potential customers and you have received this email please hurry up with your decision making and let us teach you how to manage a profitable internet marketing campaign.

The photos below are added purely to attract people to the newsletter / article when posting it to our face book page. ( It's the photo's we used for our logo.)

Our name Buddy Web Design originated from the fact that we are best friends from school days who both happened to love ''web design'' when we met after +-22 years apart and ... yes you guessed it , trough Face book.  We decided to use a name like Buddy Web Design as it is more relaxed and more personal as opposed to a name like Yelly-fish Web Design . We also become friends with most of our clients. (Those who pay us!)

We also are unique and our logo / website header and letterhead also carries that message. It will not appeal to all but such is life. 

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