Websites for Pool Shops

Pool Shops or Retail Swimming Pool Stores need to get online and need to get online fast in an industry which is facing continuous threats from mass stores and online stores offering products at discounted prices. 

Welcome to our presentation to Specialist Retailers (Pool Shop Owners) 

Our presentation will cover:

1.) The need for specialised retailers to be present and searchable in a digital market place. 

2.) How Search Works / The need for a website that is current and constantly updated.

3.) Links to and from your website.

4.) Social Media: Importance, relevance , do's and dont's.


1.) The need for specialist retailers to have an online presence:

Technological advances:

  • Google was founded on 4 September 1998 - 17 years ago read more...
  • Google has become a verb used by 11 year olds
  • Keyword planner - estimation of monthly searches
  • Example : Centurion Pool Shop (
  • Google Webmaster Results
  • Websites are affordable due to technological advances and easy to manage

Every business needs a website. In preparation for this presentation I have focused on Specialist retailers / Pool Shop Owners because I was asked to do so. My presentation will however be focused on what you have control over. Your website, your Social Media Marketing.

How much is one new client worth to a pool shop owner? That is a returning client.

I asked Tony de Beer the same question and he answered me the following:

" Typically a pool shop could expect that a returning customer will be worth a follows:
1. Client chemical pool care products probably - around R200 - R400 per month - 8-10 months per year
   so lets just say R300 x 10 = R3000 x min. 33% margin - R1000 gross.
2. Client accessories / equipment replacements (i.e. pool cleaner / pump / filter / chlorinators etc) if he replaces once every 4-5 years would mean 1 item per year and thus R2000 - R4000 once year.
    so lets just say R3000 x 1 = R3000 x min. 33% margin - R1000 gross.
3. Client will have repair work to be done at least once every 2 -3 years - R2000 - R4000 once off.
     so lets just say R3000 x 1 = R3000 x min. 50% margin - R1500 gross.
If the client prefers regular weekly maintenace the one could add around R400 - R500 per month - 12 months per year
so lets just say R450 x 12 = R5400 x min. 50% margin - R2700 gross.
So on average regular returning customer could be worth  R3500 and if he made use of regular cleaning services up to R6000 per annum.

The monthly cost of a Kwikwap Website is R150. Initial fees vary between R0 and R3,500.

You only need to get 1 new client per annum to break even.

2. How Search Works / Top 3-5 SEO Mistakes webmasters make

Google and other search engines are as logical as debits and credits. Algorhytms , more than 200 of them. These videos discuss the most important ones:

How search works:

  • Number of times a Keyword appears
  • Headings / Titles
  • URL
  • Quality, Spammy - Penguin update
  • Links and quality of links

Top 3-5 SEO Mistakes

  • Not having a website at all
  • Not including the right words - Example of such a mistake
  • Not having the information where it easy for Google to find
  • Not making use of Google's free resources eg Google my business / Google Webmaster Tools
  • Forgetting about other ways to market your website
  • Doing link building as opposed to doing content marketing - as opposed to having an informative website

Buddy Web Design comments

  • Paying too much
  • Not taking responsibility but relying on others, not viewing results
  • Focussing on vanity instead of content (Be the specialist you are!)
  • Having a website which is not mobile friendly
  • Websites can also be time savers

4. Social Media

  • Facebook vs Website (Google Indexing)
  • Focus should be on time management / getting returns
  • Example of Cape Town Web Designers on Facebook
  • Importance of Google + / Google my business - Examples of local search results (Pigeon update)


  • Time is money
  • Understand Gross Profit / Goodwill
  • The real cost , your competition (We are living in an Information age)
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