Web Design Software Improvements

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The following are launced and upcoming software developments at Kwikwap:

1. New eCommerce and Catalog Module

The ecommerce module has been completely revamped so that it is easier and quicker. It also includes a new Catalogue View option that can list hundreds of products on one page quickly. It is ideal for retail businesses or websites with a lot of products. See here is a sample:

This is how it works: You still add Products in the same way and then you just activate the Catalogue view and you are done. It is activated at the ecommerce section.

2. Home page content Generator

We have added a homepage generator that can generate a new homepage in one click. The latest trends in web design is to have more photos and less text on your homepage. This tool does that in a few seconds. 

3. Branches Module

The branches module allows different websites to share the same database of information. Clients can potentially manage hundreds of websites from one database. This is ideal for franchise groups.

4. Electronic downloads module. 

We are close to launching the Electronic Downloads Module which will allow clients to sell electronic goods from their website directly. (launching within the next week). This is ideal for people wanting to sell pdf books, images or music.

PS: ​The following new modules ​are being launch​ed​ in the next ​4 weeks:

- accommodation booking and payment facility
- event and restaurant booking and payment facility



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