Web Design Internships

Web Design Internships:

Earn money from day one while learning

We have an unlimited number of web design internships available with Buddy Web Design anywhere in Southern Africa.

This is how it works:

We share the revenue from your first 3 websites on a 50/50 basis. We are available to do all the technical work which is not very difficult. After the first 3 clients you brought in we can discuss whether you need any more help or if you are ready to start your own web design agency.

Clients pay between R2,500 and R4,500 once off fees for an unlimited pages website. Clients also pay R165 per month to host their websites with Kwikwap, allowing access to their user friendly CMS.

It is your responsibility to get your own clients. We suggest that you start with friends and family or your own business if you do not have a large business network.  Whether friends or family or strangers you will be doing your internship as a representative of Buddy Web Design. It is important from the outset that we are involved in managing client’s expectations versus client’s budgets. The market for our product is huge but we can not replicate websites like Facebook at our design fees.

Affordability and user friendly software are the foremost strengths of Kwikwap websites and it is a simple product to sell. Other strengths is our quick turnaround time (+- 24 hours on average), the fact that clients receive ongoing support from consultants as well as the head office’s technical team.

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Should you wish to start your own web design agency after the first three websites then you are expected to pay a monthly agency fee of R165 per month. Provided you provide the telephonic support to your clients you receive monthly commission of R75 per website. Another provision is that you sell at least one website per month.

We have very skilled in-house graphic designers and coders who can take care of the look and feel of your clients websites for between R700 and R1,000. If you are clever you will let our geeks do the difficult design work while you concentrate on selling and training. Clients normally manage their own websites. Should they wish not to do training then clients can pay R100 per month for all their website updates – within reason. We typically load 10-20 pages for clients, get the look and feel and structure for clients right and then show clients how to update and add hundreds of pages to their website themselves.

To get you started we will open a demo website for you for 30 days. We will also spend an hour or so online with you via Skype demonstrating the software.

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