Unlimited pages with your website

Many web designers that come close to our prices only offer between 3 and 7 pages because they have to do it all for you. With Buddy Web Design and Kwikwap you can have an unlimited number of pages on your website. After creating the look and feel of your website and setting you up we will show you how you can create many more pages.

Your website comes with products and services pages which can be organised in main groups as well as sub-groups. The same goes for the additional pages and the alternate pages which can also be used. Then there are also custom pages that can be used. These pages can have drop-down menus which makes navigation easy.

Many people are scared of the price of a website and then they ask for something which is simple. The reality however is that your website needs more quality content than that of your competition if you hope to be doing as well or better than them. Don't let the price put you off when getting an unlimited website from us. Learn our user-friendly system and create many more pages yourself.

Quick, easy, and affordable!

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