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We are still based in the Strand / Somerset West and we still offer affordable web design services for Cape Town, Helderberg and the Overberg. We reside in Strand but our office is in Somerset West. We normally offer onsite consultations, either before, during or after building your website. Our website builder is that user friendly!

You can choose to learn the A-Z of web design (we are also looking for agents to join our Kwikwap franchise and we offer ongoing support. Please visit our website and read the previous blog titled (growing your web design business)  if you are interested in starting your own web design business. Please pass it on to someone who might consider a career in doing what we do. This year marks the 10th year that we have been using Kwikwap software to build websites. More than 10,000 websites have been built using the Kwikwap Software and Kwikwap has in excess of 7,000 clients in South and Southern Africa.

Our average web design package is R3,999 with monthly fees of R165. This year saw the first increase in monthly hosting fees for the past 7/8 years. We had to accommodate for inflation. As of date we have not yet lost one client due to the 10% increase which shows the software and service is well worth it.

Kwikwap are adding two additional new templates per working day to their range of Warehouse Websites. These designs which are stunning offers a very quick and affordable way of getting a professional website or if you feel like getting a new look for your current website. Sometimes a change is as good as a holiday. We prefer simple clean designs that does not shout at people but offers the kind of information what a website visitor will be looking for.

Most websites these days are responsive and your website is not you will soon not find yourself anywhere on Google Searches. We do tick that box as well.

In any event this is just a gentle reminder of our web design services. Our monthly newsletter is a nifty tool to stay in touch with potential customers. Its difficult to come up with something new and fresh every month in the world of web design but it used to be a golden rule in our marketing efforts to do a monthly newsletter.

On a personal level we are healthy and enjoy living in the Strand and working in the Helderberg area. Today is a bit warmer Winters day and if the tide is right I will do a bit of fishing from the beach or rocks. Today is also youth day and for some an important political day. My view of the youth of today is that more often than not they are not willing to put in those hours required to pass a degree or to better their future. There are always exceptions. It is the same with owning a website. Unfortunately you need to invest the time to do well on the internet unless you yourself or your product is really that unique or good and in demand.

Have a great weekend!

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