SEO Example of getting a basic logical starting point

I am assisting a company in Pretoria, which specializes in Solar Installations and Back-Up Electrical Systems to improve their website. 

The Solar Installation company is .

I am currently in Betty's Bay in the Western Cape so I did a Google search for the search term "Gauteng Solar Installation companies.

The following pictures are what I see this morning. The result will vary according to your physical location when doing the same search. You can do these exercises yourself for various search terms you would like to be found for.

Above is 3 screenshots I had to make of the Page 1 of Google I view. Again I repeat that it will differ based on your IP address (Your PC's physical location).

The results may also differ from one minute to the next as the daily budget of the advertisers is depleted.

What can we learn from these results?

Firstly we notice that people in this industry advertises a lot with Google. There are 4 advertisers at the top of the page and then there are four advertisers at the bottom of the page.

It could be quicker and perhaps even less expensive for my client to simply advertise with Google as opposed to work on the organic search results. The organic search results are between the businesses that advertise at the top and the middle of the page.

What we see after the first 4 adverts are the Google my business pages aka businesses that are listed on Google Maps. It follows that having a Google my business page is important especially if you target people in certain geographical areas, close to your business.

If you want to be found with these websites on page 1 of organic Google results it would do you well to have a look at their websites and the quality of the website text.

You can also use tools like to analyse these websites.

The top performer scored 57 points according to that Tool. See below:

My client only scores 43 using the same tool. See image below:

The tools give some free insights but there is also a paid version for deeper insight.

For more info visit

Using this tool we can start fixing some technical issues and work on more content on the website. Use at the very minimum the same amount and quality of content as the other websites which are being found on page 1 of Google. And then one can consider the fine art of link building. 




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