Planning our blogging activities

Good morning from a wet and cold Kleinmond. It’s Monday 25 March 2019 and it seems like winter has arrived earlier than usual. (This is not the first time it has rained in March) After the recent Betty’s Bay fires (January 2019) these early rains are most welcome.

I woke up ready to blog on a few topics, diverse topics. As diverse and different as can be when you are both an accountant and a web designer.

Buying a business , how experienced business people do it

Firstly a friend of mine recently took over a local business in the Overberg and I observed some interesting diamonds one would not pick up at Harvard University.

Small business bookkeeping, excel, spreadsheets and pivot tables

I have been using Excel and Google Spreadsheets to do the cashbook, trial balance and worksheet as well as the annual financial statements for the sole proprietor. I have also used Google Spreadsheets to do budgeted cash flows and financials for a Strand based business applying for finance from SEFA. (Small Enterprise Finance Agency)

Marketing your website, running your web design business

I have decided to think bigger and consider doing a 13 episode TV program on web design and running a web design company. (Someone recently told me that opportunities will not come knocking on your door but that you have to go out and find them.) . I have written an extensive website marketing guide in 2015 which covers most topics and they contain 16 chapters. Instead of reinventing the wheel I have decided to go back and rewrite the existing guide. I will aim at doing a chapter per week and so have something to share on my Facebook business page. One of the keys to building your web design business these days is to offer value added services such as Facebook marketing. How can you offer Facebook marketing when you do not practise it yourself?

It seems I have a few nice topics on which to write. It may be time consuming but I have seen the benefits over the years. Fortunately I enjoy writing and sometimes it comes naturally. Like this morning. This time however I want to think the content trough. Firstly people sometimes actually read my newsletters and Blog entries. Secondly I need to consider on which website I want to publish what content. Accounting and Web Design are two different topics and I have two different websites for that purpose. Specific websites do better than Jack of all Trades websites. The website marketing guide can be used for training purposes, to create structured Facebook content for the next few weeks. The guide could possible even be printed or distributed as hard copy or as an E Book to generate web design leads by being an authority in a certain field.

I recently visited Pretoria to present Kwikwap group training sessions. From that activity I did pick up extra clients. (Some clients were for new web design and others for individual training purposes.) Having an up to date, comprehensive and quality guide on small business websites can be useful for future training sessions. It might even form the groundwork for a book I could publish in hard copy. The website marketing guide is currently on custom pages of my website and it is not easily accessible unlike you are taken there directly by a search engine. It could be a good idea to make it more visible by creating a button on the home page, linking to the guide. It could also be a better idea by creating a new website but the last time I checked I had some 15 + websites to manage.

I sat down hoping to summarrise the three blogging ideas but it turned into a blog itself. I thought of using it for my monthly newsletter but it has turned out to be too much blogging about blogging and something that might bore my readers to death. So perhaps this is it. A blog about blogging. Now to structure a much shorter and focused newsletter for March 2019.

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