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This month we actually have some real news from Buddy Web Design worth sharing. Often we find ourselves blogging about SEO or getting better results on Google via your website. After a couple of years of doing a monthly newsletter what more is there to say on the topic?

Francois will be returning full time to Buddy Web Design at the end of this month so we would be able to better service our current clients. Most of our clients get training to manage their websites themselves but we still assist with the more difficult once off maintenance issues like switching on your e commerce website, redesigning the website with a new look or inserting a Facebook like box.

Francois spend the past two years working as a Financial Manager at a clothing factory in Somerset West. Before Google was invented he qualified as an accountant. The disciplines of web design and accounting are very similar. (Once you take the look and feel of a website out of the equation the rest is pretty much logic.) Search Engines work with logic via algorithm while accounting is based on the dual entry system where Equity = Assets less Liabilities. If Google results are really important for you we can guide you getting there. Kwikwap has great builtin SEO tools. As mentioned earlier in this newsletter  enough has been said about SEO.

Francois regained his accounting qualification by the experience he gained during the past two years. After only doing web design for 7 years one can lose a valuable qualification. He will also be continuing with accounting and related consulting work. Read more on .

We will not further mention accounting or his other services on the website of Buddy Web Design. We are firm believers of sticking to the topic of your website and not being a Jack of all trades on one website. (At our age we can be forgiven to be qualified specialists in more than one field.)

We are looking forward to use our new freedom to visit current clients who might not have seen us in a while with the restrictions which comes with having a little baby or being in full time employment. We thank you all for your continued support trough the years.

It's a good idea to revisit your website with your web designer every year or so like you would visit the dentist or the accountant. Have a look at your actual results if Google is important to you. Consider a fresh design. Spend an hour or so adding new content like a few recent testimonials from satisfied clients and find out what is happening in the world of Google. Let us know if you require an onsite visit so we can plan the scope of such a visit.

If your website has not been launched yet ask yourself why not? If affordability is an issue talk to us. Provided you provide proper text content we don't mind waiting two / three months for full payment by prior arrangement. We know if our clients provide the ingredients they will be successful.


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