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Kwikwap SEO differs slightly from SEO with other website builders mainly because our website builder is extremely user-friendly. This is not just sales talk but the Kwikwap Website builder allows the average person to learn to add content within minutes. We also include the very important Off-Site SEO service of helping businesses to register a Google My Business (Google Maps) listing.

We earn monthly hosting fees so for us it is financially rewarding if our clients remain with us for years. Naturally successful clients are happy clients and end up referring us to their friends and business associates. Being successful with a website means that you put in a bit of effort on your website. Take this website for example. Have a look at the number of times  I have blogged over the years. There is a simple reason why I do this: because it works!

I also blog because I stay in touch with potential clients by sending out a monthly newsletter. The first thing to know about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is that there are other ways to market your website such as doing a monthly newsletter. SEO is one strategy to market your website and that is the topic of this blog entry.

The reason for this blog entry is because we have a few clients coming on board at the moment for whom Google results are important so I thought I would keep it simple and write a simple blog explaining the basics of SEO and ask the different clients to read this blog and watch below video.

I have been using this video for years while doing web design and SEO training for Kwikwap clients. A few things changed since this video was made. This includes ads are no longer displayed at the right-hand side of search results. The video also does not display the prominence of Google my business / Google Map results for local search. Having a responsive website or a website which works on cellphones and tablets are also not highlighted enough. Fortunately, with Kwikwap and Buddy Web Design we have got you covered.

Please watch this video.

This video deals with On-Site SEO and the things you can do on your website to rank higher in the Google search Index.

We ensure the initial listing in the Google Index by registering your website with Google Search Console - a free web-based resource which shows you how Google views your website and how many visitors for various search terms your website is getting. We will assist you to use this tool so that you are able to monitor your results.

From watching this video you will also hear Off-Site SEO mentioned, that of having quality websites linking to your website to determine page rank.

Some basics of On-Site SEO mentioned include:

  • How many times do keywords appear on your website?
  • Do these keywords appear in your headings?
  • Do you use synonyms for keywords?
  • Is this quality content or spammy?

If you are a Web Designer in the Helderberg then we suggest you start your about us with something simple like:" We are a web design company in the Helderberg offering Web Design services"

Same if you are a Plumber: " We are a plumbing company in the Helderberg offering plumbing services"

The introductory paragraphs of your home and about us pages are important pages where you must include words you would like to be found for.

Important tip:   Do a couple of searches for search terms you would like to be found for. Study those websites that appear in the organic search results (not the paid for advertising). You will see a realistic benchmark on the amount and quality of the text you need to add to your website to be among those search results in the future.

Another important tip:  If your competition is spending money on Google Ads then it probably works for them. Consider doing the same.

Please watch this following short video as well:


These two videos and blog explains some of the very basics. We will gladly discuss anything which might be unclear with you. It is important to understand the basics and do the basics of your website well. Often nothing more is needed. We often see so much effort goining into the design of the website with little regard to the actual content of the website.

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