Kwikwap SEO Tip 1 (Search Engine Optimization) - Page Headings

Kwikwap is fast becoming a well known brand in South Africa with over 5,500 active websites . This presents the ordinary man in the street with the opportunity to become an internet marketer . To be an internet marketer you need to know how search engines work, you need to be able to measure your results and you need to be able to modify your website in order to improve your internet presence.

With the Kwikwap client in mind we will be writing a series of SEO tips applicable to all website owners but particularly with the Kwikwap client in mind. We do not use other web design software than Kwikwap.

Page Headings

Choosing the correct Page headings are important. The Page Heading of this page which is a newsletter is : Kwikwap SEO Tip 1 (Search Engine Optimization) - Page Headings . A Website consists of individual web pages. Each page whether it is a product or service, newsletter, frequently asked question will have a heading. The heading will indicate to Google what the topic is all about.

As long as you use your own relevant text to describe your topic or page heading Google will rank this specific web page in your website judging on criteria such as originality and relevancy. 

We are Kwikwap Consultants and we also recruit new Kwikwap Consultants . It follows that in a natural way we will be using words such as "manage your own website" , ''google results'' , ''Kwikwap" , SEO . We are simply being who we are and writing about our business and products in a natural way. We do not need to try and cheat Google. We enjoy writing and I also enjoy socialising on Facebook. One get a certain satisfaction from sharing advice and thoughts and penning it down as well as getting feedback from your friends or clients which is why so many people enjoy facebook and spending so much time on there.

I have decided to habitually spend more time writing short Tips, Blog Entries for this website and then to rather share the newsletter on Face Book as opposed to sharing the information only on Face book. This way I can share with clients on face book as well as generate content for my website which is relevant to the industry I am involved in, that being a Kwikwap consultant.

Even with this Newsletter I am careful to choose Page headings which will bring me desired results. As mentioned earlier Kwikwap is becoming a well know brand and people will be searching for more information on Kwikwap using search engines like Google. As a general service to other Kwikwap clients I share this information with all who start searching for things like ... (my page heading) ( the title of this newsletter).

I can write a book on Kwikwap SEO tips and include it all under one Page heading. Google will be able to determine the quality of my book and I should get good results, if not the number one result when people Google for Kwikwap Search Engine Optimisation Tips but  and here is the loang awaited SEO Tip.

Rather use shorter content with more page headings and use different page headings and use language the way people (your target market) speak instead of having one page heading with a book contained within. 

This way we will cover more keywords over a period of time. I will thus be doing more newsletters with more SEO tips in future. So check back regularly for new tips.

Now for the all important call for action ! Lol!

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