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Sometimes we have to wait quite some time for our clients to get all the information ready to start their new website. Most of our customers are either first time website owners and it is often difficult to get all the information together. It is easier to have us create the basic framework and then for our clients to add more detail. (Once we have done the basics the "fear" of the unknown would subside.)

It is also very important for Google results to do the basics well .

The basics / basic information needed to start your website is the following:

Logo or Banner

You do not need a Logo to have a website. We do design logos and banners. Often all we need is a couple of professional photographs to do this professionally.

About us text:

The about us is an important part of your website as this helps search engines allocate or index your website correctly. You start your about us section with something straight to the point. Something like:

''We are a web design company based in Tokai Cape Town. We have designed more than 300 websites during the past 5 years for our clients in South Africa. The core of our clients are situated in the Penninsula, Western Cape.''

You can talk about your vision and history after stating the more colder , harder facts of who you are and what you do.

Products and / or services


The title you choose should equal search terms which you would like to be found for e.g.:

"Kwikwap Website"

- Products and services description

It is important that you properly describe your products and services. Each service or product should conatin at least 250 words. If not possible reconsider your product heading and rather list the different kinds of products under one heading. This will assist that speficic heading to get better Google results.

Allways use your own text. Do not blindly copy from other websites


It is better to focus on quality than on quantity when considering photograps for your website. Equally important it is the words used in describing the photographs which will attract more visitors to your website trough search engines. Photographs itself are a good source for creating content for your websites when at wits end generating content for your website. Just look at the photographs of your business or products and service and then describe what you see. 

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions are questions that potential clients often asks your business.

Tip: Simply have a look at your email inbox to gather frequently asked questions and answers.

A relevant faq for our business is

FAQ: How much information should i have on my website?

Answer: Have a look at your competition appearing on page 1 of Google. Search the internet using search terms which you would like to be found for. See who appears on page 1 of Google. You will now have a clear benchmark on how much information is needed to get good Google results.

These are the basic information which we will need in order to design your new website from scratch. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require mor information.



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