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The topic of this monthly newsletter is the Google Webmaster Channel which is a channel on Youtube.

When you get a website from us we spend a fair amount of time explaining how search engines like Google works which makes sense because you get an unlimited pages websites from us which you can manage yourself. Our web design packakges make allowances for a professional custom design which tweaks our standard templates using HTML CSS Stylesheets as well as advanced graphics using software like Photoshop / Coral draw.

This means we can focus on exlaining how the Kwikwap Software works.

Here is a great video on that topic: (Not from Google Webmasters)

We include SEO training with our web design packages. Here are our favourite videos from the Google Webmaster Channel.

How search works by Matt Cutts


Top 3-5 Seo mistakes by Matt Cutts


There are many more great videos to be found on the google webmaster channel. Apart from registering your webiste with Google Webmaster we suggest you subscribe to the Google Webmaster channel.

We have selected the best videos on the net and added it to our video module on our SEO Website , . That is a website and live E Book on the topic of SEO. (Getting your website to page 1 of Google) . It is a continous work in process and it is kept up to date with our typical client in mind. Some of the information available on the net is too high level for the busy small business owner. At Kwikwap and Buddy Web Design we try and do the technical stuff and let our clients focus on the content of the website.

Too summarise the most important things a website owner can do in terms of a website and Google Ranking it is the following:

  • Focus on good quality content over time. (It's a long term project).
  • Do the basics well first.
  • Use the right words in your website text. (Write as people speak / search the internet).
  • Have fresh content like we do (A monthly newsletter).
  • Titles will be important, titles of services / products/newsletters.
  • Photo galleries. Think about the descriptive text not quantity of photographs
  • Make use of free tools like Google Webmaster / Google Places.
  • Start today. The age of a website is important and your competitors may be far ahead.
  • Do not solely rely on SEO for marketing your business / website
  • Read the book by Francois Marais to be found on (It was written with you in mind)
  • Schedule 6 monthly consultations with us where actual results can be discussed and improvements can be suggested

Have a great June 2014 and we hope to see you soon on page 1 of Google and other Search Engines!

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