Free or cheap web design

We have added a free or cheap web design offer subject to an initial 12 month maintenance contract and without any onsite visits. These websites will cost R700 initially (for a professional custom design) and then R250 per month which includes hosting and maintenance but no training. It is suited for small businesses with a small budget and where business owners do not really want to manage their own websites. Our only concern is that people do not understand how Google works and because of not enough content they do not get the results. The free website offer will be strictly limited to having a template only website – no custom design.

Web Design News and Google

 Since starting out 8 years ago in the business of small web design our product has improved a lot but the basics of having a website has remained the same. Your website needs to have original and informative information and adhere to containing the basics like including the right words in your website text. It seems that the more things change the more they remain the same.

What has changed though is that more and more people are getting online and getting a website. If you cannot change the content of your own website then you are still living in the dark ages of web design.

More and more businesses are getting online with the best informative and complete websites taking up page 1 of Google. (That is after the first 4 paid adverts – Google recently changed the way it displays it search results, one example being increasing the top adverts from 3 to 4).

It is not likely that people will scroll past page 1 of Google. Google’s recent change makes it even more difficult to attract website traffic via organic search results.

But what is meant by appearing on page 1 of Google?

This is not when appearing on page 1 when people Google your business name and your business appears on page 1 of Google but where people Google for a specific product or service.

For example we are found on page 1 of Google for “cheap and affordable web design Cape Town”.

We have many more examples of where we appear on page 1 of Google because we regularly blog about web design. (This newsletter will for example be changed to a blog entry where we will carefully consider the heading for example: “Importance of managing your own website”.)

These are some examples of SEO advice you get when you get a website from us.

By managing your own website you can directly and without any cost but your time increase the number of search terms which will get your website to appear on page 1 of Google.

What makes our web design offering unique?

  1. National South African company back up and ongoing support ensuring continuity
  2. Most user friendly software
  3. Responsive web design
  4. Free Sms and email system
  5. Free Google Webmaster and Google my business registration
  6. On-site training and support if possible
  7. Unlimited pages
  8. Strong training and follow up on SEO
  9. E Commerce and specific industry modules activated at a click of a button
  10. Interactive websites
  11. Affordability (R150 per month. Design and training fees between R700 and R3,999)

We hope our newsletter safely found its way to your inbox and that now is a good time for you to consider getting a website from us. 

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