Content on Facebook vs on your website

Thanks to Alfred Schmid who reminded me to include this important tip in the Ebook on SEO:

A lot of people use Facebook to market their businesses. They create great content but the content soon gets wasted because the content filters down like rain (thanks Melanie for that analogy). It appears only briefly unless it is pinned and then dissapears which is why the timing of your facebook posts matters and there is actually software that manages just that. Scheduling and planning your posts onto Facebook is important because at certain times people are more active on Facebook and at certain times and days of the week people are more open to business ideas or new things. (Just Google for more info on this specific subject.)

The right way to do it however is to rather create the content on your own website and then to share it on Facebook. If Google thinks this is quality information then this page will be indexed for a long time by Google.

If say this article I am writing now is of quality and should be seen as such.

(Granted English is not my first language and I simply can not afford to have someone proofread everything I write.)

This article is of quality because:

  • I actually did some research and asked people in my industry for importants topics I might be missing and as a results of this this specific topic was mentioned.
  • The content hereoff is original
  • The content is relevant today

There probably are some better articles on this subject somewhere in cyberspace written by industry experts at a much higher level, which even I don't sometimes understand. My clients are small business owners and busy and I write for them. They are usually too busy to read long articles on SEO.

So where I lack in quality English I make up for in quantity. I actually enjoy blogging as well and it helps. I now intend to share this on Facebook. Practising what I am preaching while I am preaching! So before I do I will for once also ad an image just to make this article beter spotted on Facebook and hopefully someone will share it.

This is just a picture I found on the internet somewhere and used it once on Facebook to make my girlfriend jeaulous by pretending I have reconnected with one of my best friends from school. Was only a joke , a joke which did manage to achieve the intended results! lol!

PS: I know I am not going to get employed for a website project by a big corporate which is fine. I love working with my kind of clients! (Small business owners.)

To spell check or not to spell check before publishing? For my ego yes for my wallet no. (Time is money) .


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