Become a web designer with Kwikwap

The partners of Buddy Web Design are also authorised license holders of Kwikwap which means that they can appoint agents to sell Kwikwap Websites.

We make it it easier for people to join Kwikwap by:

  • Asking no initial joining fees
  • Asking no agnecy fees


We do the first 3 or 4 websites (as needed) with you so that you can get comfortable with the Kwikwap system, software and the environment you are working in.

You are not limited to a specific area.

We have people who do the difficult custom designs and coding at relatively cheap prices.

We are looking at people who can sell, understand the search environment of search engines, who are able to train people who require training on how to manage the CMS (Content Management System) of the Kwikwap Software. This is easy. We as web designers do the more difficult , once off items for our clients instead of spending valuable time showing them how to do difficult things. For clients and Kwikwap consultants this is frustrating.

We charge between R2,500 and R4,000 once off for the design and training (if training is required).

Clients pay R200 for a new domain registration or R165 for a domain transfer.

We share the money of the first 3/4 clients 50/50 in return for our time spend training you and helping you with your first 3/4 clients.

Once you have introduced 3/4 clients we will be convinced that you can make a living with Kwikwap and we will give you your own code and transfer your clients to your code.

Clients pay R165 per month which we share with you as long as you sell a minimum of one / two websites per two months i.o.w. as long as you are actively involved in marketing websites and are willing and able to support your clients.

From the R80 x 3 = R240pm we deduct your agency fee of R165 pm.

When you have 10 clients your net recuriing monthly income will be R80 x 10 less R165 = R635 p.m. . Our top agent in South Africa earns +- R80 k per month, every month.

Here are more information to read on how it works:

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(Francois of Buddy Web Design wrote these four articles for Kwikwap)

If you are serious about starting a business , doing what we do then please read these blogs.

Then contact Francois on 0745470221 or Melanie on 0818283402

Also please watch this video on How Search Works:

(We have geeks who do awesome designs and coding and sort out the technical side - your job is to sell and explain to people the Search Environment so that they are successful on the internet. Its very rewarding to be a positive change in the lives of small and medium business owners.)

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