Your Kwikwap Website and improving Google Results

In this month's newsletter we discuss the most important things you can do to improve your website presence / get more website visitors trough Google using your Kwikwap Website.
Most website owners are interested in getting more visitors to their website via organic search results. (Organic search results is where people Google for your products and services and your website appears on page 1 of Google, as opposed to paid for Google advertisements or where people Googled your business name.)
With a website from Buddy Web Design and Kwikwap, and proper training you will determine the success of your website or the number of visitors. 
This effort largely depends on proper content on your website. 
It is important to note that this article is written with the typical Kwikwap client in mind. A small / medium sized business 
There are a lot of good online resources available but every so often these authors try and impress big corporate clients. (We try and impress small business owners. )
Here are out top tips on how to improve Google Results / How and where to add proper content on your Kwikwap Website.
  1. Focus on the basics first

Getting a new website might be a new venture and an exciting prospect, especially a website from Kwikwap which the average person can easily manage themselves. Before getting caught up with the technicalities of how to manage your own website first focus on doing the basics, the basic content of your website, well.
This include:
1.1 the about us text: Start your about us introduction by being specific on what you do and where you do it before expanding on how and why you do it. 
1.2 products and services headings: choose descriptions that equals search terms that you want to find for.
1.3 products and services description: use at least 200 - 250 words to describe each product or service or at least those search terms which you want ot be found for
1.4 faq's: frequently asked questions (and answers) assist in improving search results.
These are the basic components of a website. After working on the text for this section you can consider other things like photographs to sell the idea of your product, to design a simple homepage with key information.
2 Generating ideas for content: Have a look at your email inbox and outbox
Improving Google results with your Kwikwap Website is all about adding good content to your website. Whether you are starting off with your website or whether you are looking at expanding on your basic website content your email inbox and outbox is a valuable source for ideas for content for your website.
You would have send your company portfolio to one or two customers, have answered some frequently asked questions, explained your products and services by answering daily questions from current and potential customers. 
Your email inbox and outbox is a rich source for content.
3 Use photographs: in the right way
A great way of generating content, if at wits end, is to look at photographs of your business, products and services and to simply describe what you see on the photograph. (Professional photographs are worth the investment, whether using stock photos or hiring a professional photographer).
Also remember to use screen tips . (The hovering text that appears when a website visitor hovers over an image).
4. Hire a professional website script is a good idea to get professional help if you are not good at writing or even if you are good at writing to have someone else proof read your work.  
5. Do market research...benchmark against opposition....aim to be the most original, informative website...
Google for a few search terms which you would like to be found for. Have a look at the websites appearing at the top of organic search results, your competition. Study their websites. You would now have a realistic idea at what you need to aim at to do better . Aim to be the most original, informative website. Never bluntly copy content from other websites without permission and credit. 
6. Test your website with tools like Google Webmaster. Using tools like Google Webmaster and Google Analytics are easier than you think. With a website from Kwikwap you should be in a position to rectify mistakes pointed out by these analytical tools. These websites / tools from the horses mouth are crammed with useful condensed information, which is easy to follow.
7. Analyze your actual results on a regular basis.
You will be able to log in on a daily basis and see how visitors found your website. (Be patient as it does take time for search results to appear in Google searches.) You should take a critical look at your actual results and consider rectifying your effort if you do not get the desired results. Ask yourself if your information is original and useful. Compare your website with those of competitors. Ask yourself why Google should view your website as better, more unique.
You should factor in the uniqueness of your product and service. Certain industries and product descriptions have saturated page 1 and 2 of Google. You need to have a specific angle and aim for specific results. Identify and define your niche market, potential clients and write for them.
8. Make use of your monthly newsletter.
We try and remember potential clients of our services by emailing a monthly newsletter. Besides reminding clients of our services the monthly newsletter ads valuable new content to your website. Consider what has changed in your industry and business and keep your clients informed. Remember you can have many blog entries and you do not need to email all your newsletters. As with products and services the headings (description) chosen for newsletters are important.
9. Use your announcement space for lasting effects.
Your announcement space of your Kwikwap Website is important space. Whilst you may want to use it for current news and announcement it might be a good idea to use this space and announce more permanent type of content. Eg..." This months web design special is....'' You can change your special each month but you will continue using important lasting keywords.
10. Think ahead...Search Engines takes 2-6 weeks to index content....
If you own a restaurant and sat Fathers day or mothers day is coming up then you should realise that it takes time for search engines to index your information and you should look ahead at your calendar if you want to appear on page 1 of Google when Fathers day arrives.
11. Don't try tricks...your website may be penalised...
Some of the tricks in the trade include Keyword stuffing or spamming (Using keywords in an unnatural way) and also using hidden text. (That is text which the search engines can read but which is hidden from plain sight.) Search engines will penalise you and remove you from their search results if you are caught out.
12. Specialist website do better...rather get another website
By having a specialist website you will be repeating certain keywords in a natural way and increasing on Keyword density. There are differing opinions on Keyword Density and its effectiveness in improving Search Engine Results, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
I also do business plans and accounting work .
Besides it affecting my keyword density it is also confusing when someone offers two completely different services. I have found that people specialising in a certain section of an industry e.g. laminated floors or roofing in the general building and construction industry will do better than a jack of all trades...unless someone Googles for a Jack of all trades. 

Rather ask for a discount for your second or third website from us . We only have to train you once so we often offer your second or third website at a discounted price.  
13. Move on from basics - use all available pages
In the beginning of this article you were advised to focus on the basics first. While we still maintain that the basics should be in order there will come a time to move on to more advanced tips and strategy to create relevant and useful content. You have unlimited pages with your Kwikwap Website and useful features like a forum, enabling public comments, a specials and promotions page...use it or loose traffic
14. Be realistic about what you aim to achieve...
I have mentioned that you need to do market research... you will notice when you google for the product and service that you offer what your competitions website looks like in terms of can expand this exercise to see related content.
You might be a guesthouse owner in a town like Kalk might think that you will attract traffic to your website by writing about the activities in the town...this is true but remember you are up against specialist websites that specialise in earning commission from bookings or selling advertising space...they employ professional writers or buy content which covers things like activities in the town of Kalk Bay
15. Make use of free advertising on Google Places , Youtube....
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