Web Design 2030 - 2022-06-16

You are receiving this once-off email because you have been identified as a stakeholder in the future web design agency we want to incorporate. A web design agency that will still be profitable by 2030. A web design agency that can from next week or the following be up and running and start to generate web design-related work. ( Design and setup... more

June 2022 Newsletter - 2022-05-31

You are receiving this monthly newsletter because of our recent and past interaction regarding getting a website from us. Should you no longer wish to receive a newsletter then you may unsubscribe using the link below. Our first newsletter/blog entry was posted on this website 12 years ago. (On 8 June 2010.) That's quite amazing! Scrolling d... more

Example: Why you should have a website - 2022-05-01

We build affordable websites for small business owners. Small business owners in South Africa mostly battle and fight for each new client they get. Obviously, all small business owners should get their own website for their business. It is simply the right thing to do. I love showing examples: This morning on Facebook on the group Somerset We... more

Analysing your Website's Google Clicks - 2022-04-26

It is always very rewarding to see our web design clients found on the internet. After all most of our web design clients come to us with the need to be visible and to get more business via search engines like Google. After completing a website and the client signing off on the website we submit the website's sitemap via the Google search co... more

Assist in marketing website - 2022-04-21

We have been asked to assist in marketing the website of . The first thing we notice is that currently, the domain does not have a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate associated with it. Certain browsers will prevent people from even visiting the website. This situation does not bode well for the indexing of... more

Specials: Web Design Hangklip Kleinmond (Kleinmond, Betty's Bay, Pringle Bay and Rooi Els) - 2022-04-13

Since we reside in Betty's Bay we offer a special web design fee for our clients in Betty's Bay or Kleinmond. Unless you are a fussy architect or interior designer, to whose needs we can also cater, we are offering a once-off R3,000 web design fee to design and set up your website in the area. The areas covered also include Rooi Els and Pri... more

New Facebook Marketing Project for client - 2022-03-31

More and more people are asking us to assist with Facebook marketing. While we initially started out with designing affordable, easy to self manage websites more and more people are turning to Facebook to get business. We enjoy being social on Facebook, get a lot of web design work via Facebook and can possible also assist businesses with Facebook ... more

News from Buddy Web Design - 2022-01-25

You are receiving this newsletter/blog because of our past interaction regarding our web design offering. This is the first such newsletter/blog since 29 April 2021. Should you wish to unsubscribe you may use the link at the bottom of the email. This newsletter/blog will be shared on Facebook as well. Why such a long wait between blogs/newslette... more

Example of effective Facebook marketing - 2021-04-29

I see so many people wasting time with their Facebook marketing efforts that when I found an example of where it is working I had to quickly sit down and blog about it. My brother Dr. Koos Marais wrote a book on the life of Elias Le Rich (Former park warden of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park). He first spent more than a year doing in-depth ... more

Somerset West SEO Improvements to a website - 2021-04-29

This morning we are improving the SEO (of an existing website) of a new web design client from Somerset West. How do we achieve this? Firstly the website is being transferred to the Kwikwap platform. Some of the reasons being: The software is user-friendly meaning that the business owner can easily blog, and make changes to his website. Th... more

Improving the SEO of a Kwikwap Website - 2021-04-28

The Kwikwap Head Office often asks us to make contact with Kwikwap clients in order to improve their website's performance on search engines such as Google.   We do this by following the following process:   1.) Ensuring that the main page title description fits the business description and includes important keywords. ... more

Testing the Netcash Online Shop - 2021-03-16

We are testing the Netcash Online Shop here:   xProductBrowser("categoriesPerRow=3","views=grid(20,3) list(60) table(60)","categoryView=grid","searchView=list","id=my-store-52289061"); ... more

Unlimited pages with your website - 2021-03-11

Many web designers that come close to our prices only offer between 3 and 7 pages because they have to do it all for you. With Buddy Web Design and Kwikwap you can have an unlimited number of pages on your website. After creating the look and feel of your website and setting you up we will show you how you can create many more pages. Your websit... more

Safe plug-ins and industry specific modules - 2021-03-11

Kwikwap develops most plug-ins in-house meaning they are safe from hacking and reliable. Kwikwap has developed various industry-specific modules which are activated at the click of a button. Examples are: Booking module for accommodation establishments Auto dealer module Tractor dealer module Recruitment module Loan application module... more

Bulk SMS System and unique interactive SMS features - 2021-03-10

Standard Bulk SMS System Your Kwikwap website comes standard with a free bulk SMS system. You can mail your mailing list by selected groups or all at once at the cost of 25 cents per SMS. This feature is useful for schools or clubs. Automatic Birthday SMS You can automatically send an SMS to your clients on their birthdays and perhaps invi... more

Quick beautiful responsive web designs - 2021-03-04

Quick beautiful web designs with Kwikwap are possible because of the customisable warehouse templates system which we use. Using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and Photoshopped graphics we are able to customise our vast warehouse of websites so you get your individual look and feel, you desire. Our library of warehouse websites can be found her... more

Free Bulk Emailing System - 2021-03-04

Your Kwikwap website builder comes with a free built-in Emailing system that allows you to send up to 1,000 emails per day (5,000 per month) free of charge. You can upload your electronic letterhead to the mailing system. Sending out a monthly newsletter is a great way of staying in touch with your stakeholders. A mailing system ensures that you... more

Effective Facebook Marketing (Advertising) - 2021-03-04

We are well on our way with our March 2021 goal of re-defining and detailing the value proposition of Buddy Web Design / Kwikwap and at the same time sharing the generated content on our Facebook page as our Facebook marketing efforts. As of today, our Facebook page has 579 likes. Our last 3 posts were seen by 15, 23, and 33 people respectively but... more

User-Friendly CMS (South-Africa's easiest website builder) - 2021-03-04

Kwikwap, with its truly user-friendly CMS, can be learned in as little as one or two 30 minute sessions making it the ideal website builder for the business owner who wants to manage the content of the websites themselves. The screenshot above is of Kwikwap's homepage where the statement of being " South Africa's easiest website... more

Affordable Web Design South Africa - 2021-03-03

We offer affordable web design to clients all over Southern Africa and beyond. With online training tools such as Zoom and Google meet becoming commonplace we can offer CMS training on Kwikwap Websites to someone anywhere in the world. The monthly hosting for your unlimited pages website is only R190. New domain registrations are R200. Your doma... more

Blast from the past - 2021-02-28

Designing websites has allowed us to work all over South Africa. It still remains a dream for us to be able to travel full-time while designing websites and offering ongoing remote supports to our clients all over South Africa. Picture: taken in Kruger National Park Francois started designing websites in 2007 and immediately saw the oppor... more

Ongoing technological innovation by Kwikwap - 2021-02-28

When joining Kwikwap, clients can expect to benefit from ongoing technological innovation without having to directly pay for it. (All clients do pay monthly hosting of R190 which floats the ship that maintains and develops new technology that benefits all Kwikwap users.) A recent innovation, the first of its kind is the ability to upload product... more

Head Office Backup and Client Charter for Kwikweb Web Design Clients - 2021-02-27

Besides receiving ongoing support from the partners of Buddy Web Design clients can rest assured that Buddy Web Design is backed by the head office of Kwikwap and their support staff. Clients of Buddy Web Design automatically become clients of Kwikwap as well. This is important in the event that something were to happen to the partners of Buddy Web... more

Ongoing personal web design and development support - 2021-02-27

Ongoing support is an important value proposition we offer our web design clients. While there are many website builders in the market we are distinctly different in the sense that we offer ongoing personal support. Clients can choose whether they want to manage the content of their website or whether they want us to do it for them. (2021 marks ... more

Planning website development and combining it with Social Media Marketing - 2021-02-27

Example of planning your website and social media marketing efforts and using your time in doing so effectively: We have decided to plan our website- and social media marketing efforts better for the month of March 2021. As most of our clients soon realise getting a website is the easy part. Getting results from your website or social media mark... more

February 2021 Newsletter from Buddy Web Design - 2021-02-18

You are receiving this newsletter because of our recent/past interactions regarding our Web Design services. Should you no longer wish to receive these newsletters please use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of this email. This is our first newsletter for 2021 and in fact the first newsletter in quite a while. So what is news? This year mar... more

Detailed Web Design Proposal - Example - 2020-10-02

Thank you for considering Buddy Web Design for Web Design and SEO services. To avoid any misunderstandings we offer this written proposal. Buddy Web Design consists of Francois and Melanie Marais, a husband and wife team, best friends from school who reconnected via Facebook in 2009. Francois holds a B-Compt degree obtained from... more

Selling Kwikweb Websites - 2020-08-19

Selling Kwikweb Websites is not easy nor is it difficult. Selling Kwikweb Websites successfully requires that you implement timeless proven selling principles. Before we start let's ask ourselves first what does it mean to successfully sell a Kwikweb Website? What defines success? South Africa has just seen very stringent lockdown restric... more

Home based business opportunity - Kwikweb Websites - 2020-08-08

Looking for a home-based business opportunity? Kwikweb Websites offers such an opportunity. Buddy Web Design has been selling Kwikwap Websites since 2007. Over the years much has changed. During the last few months South Africa, together with the rest of the world has seen the economic landscape drastically change with the Coronavirus shutting d... more

Summarry of our Web Design- and SEO offer and methodology - 2020-07-06

COVID 19 has affected us like the rest of the world are being affected. Some of our existing clients have closed their doors permanently while others are temporarily shut. We have been approached by new clients because of the opportunities presented by the lockdown regulations, for e-commerce websites or for having a relook at their websites SEO ... more

SEO Example of getting a basic logical starting point - 2020-07-05

I am assisting a company in Pretoria, which specializes in Solar Installations and Back-Up Electrical Systems to improve their website.  The Solar Installation company is . I am currently in Betty's Bay in the Western Cape so I did a Google search for the search term "Gauteng Solar Installation compa... more

Kwikwap Websites : Most Important for SEO - 2020-06-22

Question: Whats is the single most important thing you should do with your Kwikwap Website, or any website for that matter if you are concerned with getting good organic search results? The practice of improving results on Google searches is called SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Short answer: You need to describe the main title of your websit... more

Online Web Design Sales Representatives Needed - 2020-04-07

We are always looking for people who are willing to do sales for us. We spend half our time looking for new web design clients and then the other half building the websites and then training people on how to manage their websites. Our web design fees vary between R2,500 and R4,000 initially. We are willing to pay half of these fees as sales c... more

Affordable ECommerce Websites South Africa - 2020-03-16

Looking for an affordable ECommerce Web Design Solution for your business in South Africa? I am sure you need no introduction to what recent news has taken over the world, Coronavirus ( Covid 19 ). The popularity of online shopping is set to increase drastically. In some places in the world that's the only way right now to order even basi... more

Websites for Restaurants and Pubs - 2020-01-13

We build websites for Restaurants and Pubs using the revolutionary Kwikwap Software.   Why should a Restaurant or Pub get a website and get one from us? Here are 10 reasons:   People will find you via Google Searches. People planning their trips do like to know and sometimes book in advance when visiting a certain area. The... more

Website Hosting Fees - 2020-01-08

Unfortunately our monthly hosting fees increased by R15 p.m. due to inflation. Our hosting fees includes much more than a traditional hosting fee namely: - A Content Management System (CMS) that is included - Readymade ECommerce and Templates that are included - It includes payment gateways to accept credit cards etc - It also includ... more

Kwikweb Client Charter - 2019-10-28

Kwikweb Clients can rely on a client charter which governs what minimum services a person can expect to receive in exchange for a fair initial setup, training and design fee. To view the client charter you need to click on admin and domain settings and select Legal Matters and Welcome email. See picture below: Once selected one must selec... more

Social Media Marketing - Some thoughts - 2019-10-14

Social Media Marketing is not limited to Facebook.There are many other platforms or websites or resources from Google like Google my business which needs attention or consideration. This blog entry is part inspired by a client I met yesterday regarding his website and Facebook page and partly inspired by a friend who has changed careers and who ... more

Examples of better than the rest websites - 2019-08-26

In my previous blog entry on this website (How much content should one ad to a Kwikwap Website) I used the example of a dentist, plumber and electrician not being able to say much different from the next dentist, plumber and electrician. While this is generally true there are exceptions to the rule. My own brother is Dr Koos Marais, a dentist fr... more

How much content should one add to your Kwikwap website? - 2019-08-24

How much content should a website owner add to his Kwikwap website to get the optimum results? (It does not matter whether it’s a Kwikwap website or a Wordpress website.) The principals remain the same. With Kwikwap websites the average person can learn in minutes how to upload content, content which is key to success and the idea of Kwikw... more

16 November 2019 Kwikwap Training - 2019-08-23

Francois will be presenting a Kwikwap Group Training session in Pretoria on 16 November 2019. This newsletter/blog facility will be used as the Agenda for said traning session. The training focusses on: The Kwikweb System (Different sections) , Tutorial , Your Kwikweb Consultant , The Kwikweb Client Charter Where to get affordable help o... more

Kwikwap SEO - 2019-08-23

Kwikwap SEO differs slightly from SEO with other website builders mainly because our website builder is extremely user-friendly. This is not just sales talk but the Kwikwap Website builder allows the average person to learn to add content within minutes. We also include the very important Off-Site SEO service of helping businesses to register a Goo... more

Current Web Content Considerations - 2019-07-01

1 July 2019 sees us passing the halfway mark of 2019 in a cold and wet Cape Town. Business in the tourism sector has just about come to a standstill with restaurants focusing on local trade. We have seen some restaurants in Betty’s Bay even closing for a couple of weeks. What can you do with your website when business is very slow, close to d... more

Web Design Internships - 2019-06-29

Web Design Internships: Earn money from day one while learning We have an unlimited number of web design internships available with Buddy Web Design anywhere in Southern Africa. This is how it works: We share the revenue from your first 3 websites on a 50/50 basis. We are available to do all the technical work which is not very difficul... more

On Page SEO : Content generation example - 2019-06-29

As we often mention time is money. Getting long term results via your website requires ongoing work like regular articles but where does one find good content to write about? One of the places we find good content is in our email outbox where we communicate with current and potential clients. When doing quotes for potential clients one tend to d... more

Marketing our web design services - 2019-06-01

This blog is inspired by a discussion I had with an insurance broker about time and more specifically about the value of time. Many people spend evening after evening watching television as opposed to spending time on fruitful activities such as: Blogging on your website to attract more customers via the internet Reading a book to increase ... more

Web Design Developments - 2019-05-02

Next week sees the next general election and this Freedom day we celebrated 25 years since the first free democratic elections in South Africa. We eagerly await the end of the 2019 elections as the uncertainty is not good for business in South Africa. In March we celebrated 30 years of the existence of the www (World Wide Web). Google is now 20 ... more

Guide to marketing your website - 2019-03-25

We have decided to rewrite our 2015 Guide to marketing your website. This guide is for the people that really take their website seriously and have a hands on approach to managing their websites and monitoring the subsequent results using tools like Google Search Console. Not everybody is into so much detail and often we are expected to produce the... more

Planning our blogging activities - 2019-03-25

Good morning from a wet and cold Kleinmond. It’s Monday 25 March 2019 and it seems like winter has arrived earlier than usual. (This is not the first time it has rained in March) After the recent Betty’s Bay fires (January 2019) these early rains are most welcome. I woke up ready to blog on a few topics, diverse topics. As diverse an... more

Kwikwap Training Pretoria (February 2019) - 2019-02-13

Lets start the website training session with a short accounting lesson: Advertising is a variable expense and not a fixed expense! For most small business owners time = money. This morning is an example of time and money spend on your business website which is an advertising tool for your business. You can also spend time doing work on your w... more

Kwikwap Websites past 10 years - 2019-02-05

Regular Kwikwap Group training sessions are presented in Pretoria and Cape Town and sometimes in Durban as well. Sometimes people simply need a refresher or someone new at the company needs to take over the management of the software. Our software is so easy : sometimes it only takes a few minutes via Teamviewer - especially for the younger generat... more

Kwikwap Training - 2019-01-28

I will , God willing , once again be presenting a Kwikwap Group Training session in Pretoria on Saturday the 16th of February 2019.   It must have been 11 or 12 years since I first presented a Kwikwap Group training session in Pretoria. Nowadays I reside in Kleinmond in the Western Cape.   Today I managed to sell an advertisem... more

Warehouse Websites by Buddy Web Design - 2019-01-28

Our short telephonic / facebook discussion regarding our web design services refers. As agreed here is a short introduction. (You will also be added to our monthly mailing list from which you may unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of this email.) Buddy Web Design has been designing websites with Kwikwap Software for the past 12 years. K... more

Phoning new prospective clients - 2019-01-23

Phoning new prospective clients daily is probably the most important daily activity of any salesman. If the thought of phoning new clients at random puts you off then starting your own web design agency or working as a salesperson for a web design company is probably not your calling or the best career choice for you. Firstly let me clarify rand... more

Overberg Web Design Services - 2019-01-23

Our short telephonic discussion refers. As discussed herewith a short introduction of our Overberg Web Design Services: Buddy Web Design now also operates from Kleinmond from where we can service the Overberg with Web Design Services. Our websites are: Affordable (Initial between R2,500 and R4,400) / Monthly hosting R165 . (Pay the init... more

Helderberg SEO Services - 2019-01-22

SEO is important for allmost 90% of our Helderberg clients. For the other 10% SEO is less important only because they are more concerned with the look and feel of their websites. Getting good SEO results requires spending time on your website, like we are doing now by blogging on SEO and considering the title and introductory words of this blog ent... more

Buddy Web Design Bekendstelling - 2019-01-18

Ons kort kennismaking via Facebook en die telefoniese gesprek het betrekking. Ons bou effektiewe, dog bekostigbare webwerwe in die Helderberg en die Overberg. (Kantore in Kleinmond en Strand / Somerset Wes) Ons gebruik sagteware van Kwikwap, 'n nasionale maatskappy met kliënte en verteenwoordigers regoor Suid-Afrika. Die aanvankli... more

Web Design in South Africa - 2019 - 2019-01-07

Whilst still early in 2019 we have noticed a slight increase in the demand for our web design services. We suspect that businesses who could in the past survive without a website start to feel the pinch of the economic resession now realise that they need to increase their marketing spend to retain their market share. For us this is good news. Unfo... more

Kwikwap Website : Photo Galleries and Albums - 2018-10-19

Here we explain how to create galleries or albums and how to ad photographs to your galleries/albums. Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 Step 8 Step 9 Step 10   ... more

Kwikwap Emails Management - 2018-10-16

To manage your Kwikwap Emails you need to be logged in your Kwikwap Website. mmm bbbb     ... more

Kwikwap Tutorial - 2018-10-15

Kwikwap has built in a short Tutorial to introduce clients to the different section of the website. Picture above: Once you have logged in see where you find the Tutorial. Click on the link. The tutorial will pop up. Click on begin and then next . Please read as the tutorial takes you trough the website's back end or the managemen... more

A website at a very affordable price - 2018-10-15

Looking to get your website at a very affordable price? Our website builder (Kwikwap) is so user friendly - anyone can master it easily. Starting today we will offer people websites at an even more affordable price. What's the catch? There is no catch. We are busy developing a few online tutorials on how to manage the content of your website... more

Renaming the links of your Kwikwap Website - 2018-10-15

Before we proceed with showing you how to ad a product or a service here is how to rename your website links. Picture above : Click on other content / Various content tools and then Rename Website Links Picture : Once you have renamed your website links (you only need to rename those you use on your website) remember to click on updat... more

Logging in to your Kwikwap website - 2018-10-14

The first step when editing your Kwikwap Website is to log into the website. If you have forgotten your login details you can contact your Kwikwap Consultant (the person who sold you the website) to supply you with the log in details. There is also autorecovery options to recover your website password. If all else fails you can email technical@kwik... more

Kwikwap Websites : Changing order of products - 2018-10-09

With Kwikwap's CMS (Content management system) it is super easy to change the order of your products as it is displayed on your website:           ... more

Kwikwap Websites : How to ad product variants - 2018-10-08

Kwikwap's e commerce gives you the ability to ad product variants e.g. colour or sizes , quite common in the clothing industry. This assist with a smoother online shopping experience. The following slides explain the steps needed to create the product variants:       Allways remember to click the Save O... more

SEO Tips and Web Design Specials - 2018-10-02

In this blog we talk about how your website can recession proof your business, share a few SEO tips and share a great Afrikaans blog explaining Search Engine Optimisation and mention our Helderberg Web Design Special. Recession proof your business October and November are traditionally our busiest times of the year when business picks up afte... more

Facebook Marketing Websites Example - 2018-09-19

Facebook is great for marketing websites. I am training a new sales representative from Tokai to do Facebook marketing for me. So i do the training via this blog entry so I can share with other sales representatives of Buddy Web Design in other parts of the country. We did a lot of business in the deep south of Cape Town or the Southern Peninsul... more

Web Design Services Marketing via Facebook - 2018-09-18

We are looking for sales representatives to market our web design services troughout South Africa, specifically via Facebook. We offer a 25% once off fee to people who refer us web design clients. In a nutshell we offer very affordable websites (Between R2,500 and R4,000 once off) . The websites comes with or without training - our CMS softwa... more

Become a web designer with Kwikwap - 2018-09-05

The partners of Buddy Web Design are also authorised license holders of Kwikwap which means that they can appoint agents to sell Kwikwap Websites. We make it it easier for people to join Kwikwap by: Asking no initial joining fees Asking no agnecy fees but: We do the first 3 or 4 websites (as needed) with you so that you can get c... more

Marketing, Sales, Web Design and Economics - 2018-09-05

This blog is about Marketing, Sales, Web design and Economics and was the content of our Spring newsletter, adjusted so that our standard introductory paragraph is not seen as duplicate content, or the content of our previous blog added in the monthly newsletter not be seen as duplicate content - negative for good SEO results. General news Th... more

Hoe werk blogs op websites? - 2018-07-18

Iemand het vandag op die Helderberg (Strand, Somerset , Gordonsbaai Facebook groep gevra wie kan haar help om 'n aanlyn blog te skep. Gelukkig is ek aanbeveel deur 'n vriend vir wie ons voorheen 'n webwerf gebou het. Sy het in Engels gevra maar ek het weggetrek en my twee sente in Afrikaans gedeel. Mense doen soektogte ook in Afrikaans ... more

Discounted cheap websites - 2018-06-28

Many people search for cheap or discounted things, including website design. For what we offer trough the powerful website builder / CMS (Content Management System) our web design services can be viewed as cheap or affordable. Think about it: Unlimited pages , Easy to Manage starting from R2,500. That surely is cheap or affordable. One of the re... more

News at Buddy Web Design - 2018-06-05

You are receiving this monthly newsletter because of our recent or past interaction regarding getting a website from Buddy Web Design. You may unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of this email should you no longer be interested in getting a website from us. This month we actually have some real news from Buddy Web Design worth sharing. Ofte... more

An example of why you need a website - 2018-05-23

This afternoon i found myself looking for a small office network consultant. Like other people too lazy to do a Google search i turned to Facebook. Now being a potential consumer wanting to make a choice I would like to see someone with at least a website or at the minimum a Facebook Page. Referalls would be great. Having a website just creates ... more

Web Content Development Strategy - 2018-05-23

On-Site Seo requires that you work on your content on your website. I have been burning to get to write this blog post since i reminded myself that I have 15 websites which all show potential, but requires continuous content development. I have realised that I will need a more structured and planned approach if I want to be more successful on the i... more

Strategic Planning and your Website - 2018-04-29

We must be one of the small web design companies that blog the most in the Helderberg if not South Africa. I am sure we would do well in this category in the international community as well. If only there was an olympics for web designers or bloggers! (Up to now we have failed to identify a product or service which we could market and sell internat... more

Sales and Marketing of a web design business - 2018-04-15

This month’s newsletter has turned out to be about us talking about our web design business and the marketing issues we face. We also rely on our own website to get business via search engines like Google. Our challenges and the opportunities are similar for our current and potential clients so I hope some readers may identify with us. We wel... more

Our Web Design Value Proposition - 2018-01-11

2018 sees us entering our 11th year in the web design industry. At the start of the year we deemed it fit to consider our value proposition, that which sets us apart from other web design companies. 10 Reasons why you should make use of us (Our value proposition) Tip:  Sitting down and writing 10 or so reasons why people should make use ... more

SEO strategy with Kwikwap - 2017-12-02

Someone from Cape Town just outside Somerset West, with a decent looking website decided to use us for improved SEO. Looks are important but results are more important. While we will match the looks (even improve by adding calls to action and ensuring the first time visitors easily gets the value proposition immediately) we will achieve better SEO ... more

SEO and Social Media Marketing Helderberg - 2017-11-25

Practice what we preach – Great SEO results in Somerset West “ Got a new client yesterday via Google. Our business is to help people get clients via Google. Going to sit down and blog (invest time) about blogging. Or maybe do some Google my business work, ask a satisfied client for a Google review. Local search has been good for us t... more

SEO Somerset West - 2017-10-20

We offer SEO Consulting services to businesses in Somerset West. Our web design services is limited to websites built with Kwikwap Software but we are available to quote on SEO work. SEO work include consulting and website copy development / content development. We do not offer link building services as part of our SEO offering as it is to time ... more

Call to action design - 2017-08-24

Designing a call to action or calls to action on your website is very important. There are many great articles on the internet on designing calls to action and articles with examples of winning call to actions. As part of a local marketing drive we have started a directory for Tradesmen for the Helderberg. . It i... more

Somerset West Web Designers - 2017-06-16

We are still based in the Strand / Somerset West and we still offer affordable web design services for Cape Town, Helderberg and the Overberg. We reside in Strand but our office is in Somerset West. We normally offer onsite consultations, either before, during or after building your website. Our website builder is that user friendly! You ca... more

Growing your web design business - 2017-06-16

At the beginning of the year I intended to start writing a series on running a web design business and specially running a Kwikwap Web Design Consultancy as we are actively looking to recruit potential Kwikwap consultants for our Kwikwap franchise. I have just spend three hours teaching a very analytical person how to manage the Kwikwap CMS (Con... more

Web design that works - 2017-05-27

We are about to design a new website for a clothing manufacturer in Somerset West. The clients existing website is outdated and does not portray the image that the client wish to portray but more importantly the website does not attract visitors to the clients website trough organic searches via search engines. New Design The design part o... more

March 2017 Newsletter / Starting your own web design business - 2017-03-05

This is the first of our newsletters for 2017. Breaking with tradition the past few months have seen us not doing a regular monthly newsletter. (I guess we came to a point where we wrote just about everything we can write about small business web design and SEO.) We have decided to change our own focus and not only build websites for clients but... more

Web Design Careers South Africa - 2016-10-08

The internet and career business opportunities and a must have tool for small business opportunities. The topic of this month’s newsletter stems from the current student political turmoil also known as the #Feesmustfall “campaign”. Web Design and Search Engine marketing offers business and career opportunities that does not req... more

Web Design Communication between designer and client - 2016-08-24

For those who may not know our offices are now in the Helderberg in  Somerset West while we reside in Gordon's Bay. This is a nice half way spot to keep on servicing both Overberg and Cape Town clients. Sometimes things go wrong between a web designer and a web design client. That is when there is a misunderstanding or miscommunication ... more

Making money on the internet with your website - 2016-07-02

The topic of this blog entry is making money on the internet, by having a website. How does one make money on the internet or make money with a website? What differentiates one website from another website? We are firm believers in practicing what we preach. Therefor if we knew the answer to the aforementioned questions then we might probably no... more

Behaal sukses met jou webwerf - 2016-06-19

Sukkel u om sukses met u webwerf te behaal. Dit is eerstens belangrik om te verstaan hoe die internet en webwerwe werk. Ek hoop hierdie artikel help so bietjie om te veruidelik hoe mens suksesvol op die internet kan wees. SOEKENJIN OPTIMISASIE (SEO) Webwerwe soos Google, Yahoo en Bing is soekenjins. Soekenjins het grootliks die tradisionele m... more

Somerset West Web Design - 2016-06-12

Our main web design service area is now the Helderberg. Our clients all over South Africa have been trained in managing their own websites / or we do it for them so our geographical location does not matter. Somerset West is part of the Helderberg which constitutes Somerset West, Gordons Bay and Strand. We have relocated to Somerset West with... more

Freelance Online Sales - Digital Advertising - 2016-05-11

Freelance Digital Advertising Sales – French Tourism website Buddy Web Designs owns and operates a French tourism directory website We are looking for freelance digital advertising sales consultants with access to the internet. Marketing material is available to the right candidates. The website focuses on ... more

Advanced website content development - 2016-05-03

Few small business website owners get the basics of their website's content correct which is why our newsletters/blog often deals with doing the basics right. At the risk of boring our regular readers we include a short summary: Choosing the correct home page text / Meta tag descriptions Including the right words in your website text an... more

Free or cheap web design - 2016-04-27

We have added a free or cheap web design offer subject to an initial 12 month maintenance contract and without any onsite visits. These websites will cost R700 initially (for a professional custom design) and then R250 per month which includes hosting and maintenance but no training. It is suited for small businesses with a small budget and where b... more

Website Marketing Strategies - 2016 - 2016-04-04

Marketing your website during 2016 should take consideration of current changes at search engines like Google but one should also consider the fundamentals of Search and SEO. The fundamentals are important to adhere to because they provide long term results that should provide a return on investments where your time spend and money spend on develop... more

Small business websites: The most important basics - 2016-03-16

Guide to small business websites: The most important basics Top mistakes business / website owners make It is not always the complex issues which website owners get wrong but often the basics. With technological developments websites need not be expensive and CMS (Content Management Systems) should be user friendly. Here are some top mis... more

SA Exporters and Internet Marketing - 2016-03-02

South African Exporters most definitely need an effective website to asist with their marketing efforts and should also most definitely consider Facebook advertising for targeted audiences. All businesses need websites and to consider Social Media Marketing but we will try and look at this need from the perspective of a South African business lo... more

Overberg and Helderberg Web Design - 2016-03-01

Overberg and Helderberg Web Design Services ​While still available for our Cape Town Web Design clients (at least two days per week) we have relocated to Kleinmond and now focus on offering new web design services to clients in the Overberg and Helderberg. Most of our recent additions to the monthly mailing list are from these areas.... more

Finish your website - 2016-02-02

Why is it important to get done with your website or to finish the initial web design and development project? Truth is that you will never really be finished with your website if you consider that regular blogging is part of an effective content marketing strategy. I have three of my own directories / accommodation booking websites which I run ... more

SEO Top 10 - 2016-01-31

SEO Top 10 (Small / Medium South African Businesses) Why a top 10 on SEO? People are busy plus often people expect us to carry them over the goal line. In theory if we are so clever then we should be rich ourselves. (I have been in the web design industry for over 8 years after spending 17 years in the financial services & accounting industr... more

SEO: Effective Web Page Example - 2016-01-28

Example of an effective page in a website What makes a page in a website effective? Introduction A website is a collection of individual pages or web pages. Search engines like Google does not automatically index all pages of a website but might ignore some pages in a website because the pages do not meet Google’s quality guidelines.... more

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in the Tourism Industry - 2016-01-27

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation in the tourism industry is no different to the SEO of any other industry because the principles of SEO remain the same. The Engineers of Search Engines like Google have not engineered a different set of rules or formulae (Also known as algorithms) for people in the tourism industry.  What is different in th... more

Advertise accommodation outside Kruger - 2016-01-15

If you consider advertising your accommodation establishment outside the Kruger National Park, an Afrikaans website focussed on accommodation inside, as well as outside the Kruger National Park. January is a good time to consider allocating your marketing budget for 2016 and we hope you can allocate a small amount t... more

Cape Town Web Design - 2016 packages - 2016-01-10

The 2016 Web Design packages from Buddy Web Design for Cape Town clients has not changed much since 2015 with no price increase for January 2016 envisaged. Cape Town has as per usual been slow to start the new working year with this past week seeing people focussing on children going back to school and the related expenses. We hope that we are a... more

Use your Website for Sales - 2015-12-23

Use your Website for Sales Using your website’s forms and surveys to capture new leads, prospects and following it up with a monthly newsletter is a simple, yet effective way to stay in touch with potential as well as existing clients. The forms and surveys of your Kwikwap website allows for you to add people automatically to your maili... more

Effective time management - 2015-12-14

This months newsletter deals with effective time manage. To effectively manage your time you need to organise and streamline your business, put procedures, checks and balances in place like having your PA taking phone calls while you are busy being the Managing Director. This blog entry covers some awesome personal news, effective time managemen... more

Newsletters and Blogging - 2015-12-01

This blog entry was first used as a newsletter which just went out to our mailing list.We use our monthly newsletter functionality to once a month stay in touch with potential and current clients.  Constantly blogging or writing newsletters is a time consuming process but it does pay of in the long run. It is also a very practical way to st... more

Website development - 2015-11-20

Once your website has been designed you need to develop your website . That requires spending time on your website and time like money is a scarce resource. So how can one effectively develop your website?  The kind of website development I am talking about is content writing, whether you are blogging or whether you are expanding your frequ... more

Careers in the web design industry - 2015-11-12

Nothing compares to the internet when it comes to how it has changed the way we work, live , purchase and play on this planet. It is now difficult to imagine a world without Facebook or Google. Suddenly all of us have well over 500 friends, be it virtual friends.It has become more difficult for politicians to hide their true colours. Only last mont... more

Internship : more details - 2015-11-09

Here are some more details about the paid for Internship being offered.  In fact this section is more for those who do not get the Internships but still like the idea, and still would like to learn a new skill and be able to start and run their own web design business. In the previous blog entry on the paid for Internship opportunity we ... more

Paid for internship - 2015-11-09

We are offering a paid for internship (1-2 positions) from January 2016. The number of positions available may increase as we manage to increase our sales. It is because of an increase in our sales activities that the need for interns developed in the first place. A simple little post on just one local Facebook group , which was allowed to stay ... more

Small business time management and your website - 2015-10-21

Being a small business ourselves we understand that time management is crucial at meeting targets and achieving our desired growth (or sometimes survival) objectives. All small business owners should spend time on the following: Raising Capital Administration Advertising, Sales and Marketing Production Client relations Compliance... more

South Peninsula Tourism Marketing - 2015-09-30

We have new exciting ways to market your Guesthouse, Restaurant or other Tourism establishments in the Southern Peninsula! In this newsletter/blog entry: Ella Marais (our newborn baby) New Travel / Tourism websites Afrikaans website on Simon’s Town or Simonstown and surrounds Peninsula Tradesmen Directory SEO / Business Lesso... more

Local tourism marketing - 2015-09-23

Buddy Web Design now offers local (Southern Peninsula) tourism businesses an exiting new tool to market their businesses to tourists visiting Cape Town. Buddy Web Design has joined and will assist in marketing listings on . Is another tourism directory? Yes but one with a dif... more

Goeie Google Resultate Vervoer Maatskappy - 2015-09-10

Indien u op soek is vir goeie Gogle resultate vir 'n removal company of 'n vervoer maatskappy lees gerus hierdie kort wenk wat ek so pas aan 'n kollega deurgestuur het. Ek bestuur self my tyd wat my geld is deur te "practise what i preach" . Ek gebruik my email inbox en outbox om byvoorbeeld my faq afdeling van my webwerf op t... more

Web Design Blogging - 2015-08-30

Websites and search engines like Google are not the only way to stay in touch with potential clients which is why we mail a monthly newsletter.(We always change our monthly newsletter to become a blog entry after emailing the newsletter.) During August we wrote and published a few good blog entries related to web design and specifically aimed at... more

Websites : Start by Planning - 2015-08-30

INFORMATION NEEDED TO START WITH YOUR WEBSITE Once a client accepts our web design quote we are often asked what now? What information is needed to start with my website? Before we design your website we require our clients who have not done so to do some basic research / homework and to gain an understanding on how search engines work. Plann... more

Secret of Web Design - 2015-08-27

I have been a web designer for 8 years now, servicing small and medium business owners with web design services in Pretoria and Cape Town, South Africa .So what is the secret of web design, the Holy Grail of web design? When referring to the secret of web design I am actually referring to getting your website visible on page 1 of search engines ... more

Advertising in a tough economy - 2015-08-25

Should one cut or increase on advertising expenditure during an economic meltdown as we are experiencing right now?  When it comes to small businesses and web design that same question can be rephrased to “ should I increase my Google Ad spend / spend more time on my website content / trying to get quality websites to link to my website?... more

Mobile Shopping Growth - 2015-08-08 ... more


Below you will find the agenda for this coming Saturday’s Kwikwap Group training session to be held in Pretoria at 80 Glennwood Rd, Lynnwood Glen, Pretoria. You are welcome to bring with your Laptop or tablet but please note that there are limited power points to plug in. If you scroll down further you will find more detailed information on t... more

Kwikwap Training and SEO - 2015-08-03

This months newsletter covers Kwikwap Training, SEO Tips and some interesting places we have visited in Cape Town during the past month as well as some othe exiting news! Kwikwap Training Francois presented Kwikwap Group training sessions in Pretoria on the 27th of June 2015 and in Cape Town on the 1st of August 2015. The next upcoming traini... more

Case study : Web Design Client - 2015-07-28

Introduction : Getting good Google Results for a small specialist service provider in Cape Town We have been asked by a web design client based in Cape Town to design their website and to get top SEO or Google Results for them. These clients were previously making use of Woza Online and they were relatively successful with their free websites fr... more

Websites for Pool Shops - 2015-07-10

Pool Shops or Retail Swimming Pool Stores need to get online and need to get online fast in an industry which is facing continuous threats from mass stores and online stores offering products at discounted prices.  Welcome to our presentation to Specialist Retailers (Pool Shop Owners)  Our presentation will cover: 1.) The need fo... more

Affordable CMS Web Design - 2015-07-06

This months newsletter covers our very affordable website design services, SEO Tips, upcoming Kwikwap CMS training and the latest news on places visited in Cape Town and the South Peninsula. Cheap to Affordable Professional Web Design Services We now can truly claim to offer the cheapest to most affordable professional web design services in ... more

Kwikwap Training Pretoria - 2015-06-20

On 27 June 2015 Francois will be, God willing, present the Kwikwap Group Training session in Pretoria. Welcome Below is a list of people attending : Client:  &nbs... more

Saved Simple Templates - 2015-06-19

On this blog we will save some simple templates where we would like to quicker start with a design: Lowerpriority * { padding:0; margin:0; } a { text-decoration:underline; color:#CF1302; } a:hover { text-decoration:none; } body { background:#E0E0E0; font-size:12pt; color:#808080; line-height:1.75em; } body,input { font-famil... more

Webwerwe - Beste basiese beginsels - 2015-06-16

VERSTAAN EN DOEN DIE HEEL BASIESE VAN WEBWERWE REG (EN KRY IETS GEVORDERDS REG) – Deur www. Buddy Web Design Inleiding ’n Webwerf kan defineer word as ’n elektroniese brosjure van ‘n besigheid of organisasie. ’n Webwerf bestaan uit individuele web bladsye. ‘n Webwerf kan of staties of dinamies we... more

Buddy Web Design - 2015-06-14

Buddy Web Design uses software from Kwikwap to help people get an affordable website. Prices start from R0, subject to hosting fees of R150 per month. Because we have been in the industry for 8 years and earn revenue from hosting we are now able to even offer websites at no initial charge. We also offer this to clients who want a second or th... more

Free websites - South Africa - 2015-05-31

Replace your Woza Online website: Free website offer / 1,000 new website templates Have you lost your free South African website due to Woza Online shutting down? We are finally able to offer a free website. We also provide website hosting services which is why we are able to offer a free website. Hosting starts at R150 per month. For this we wi... more

Search Engines - Market Prices - 2015-05-04

Google AdWords works on a bidding system where the highest bidder gets the best display position for their advertisement. Companies bid for specific Key Words and Phrases. Companies usually set a daily budget which means that a company who is at the top of paid search results in the morning might be nowhere in the afternoon. Let’s look at ... more

Website Content Writing Strategy - 2015-05-04

In this blog we will be discussing a practical example of working out a Website Content Writing Strategy. Simply put we will be looking at what content or what will you be writing about on your website. There is many places to add your website text e.g. Home Page, About us page, Blog , Faq's , Photo Gallery Descriptions. We have been recentl... more

Business Marketing and Coaching - 2015-05-02

A new service offering by Buddy Web Design, Business Marketing and Coaching, is being developed by Buddy Web Design.  Teaming up with an experienced and successful Business Coach Buddy Web Design is busy developing a new Business Coaching and Marketing Service where we will be more actively involved in an ongoing manner with getting results... more

Google's Mobile Algorithm Change - 2015-03-31

Google to penalise non mobile friendly websites For weeks now Google Webmaster Tools have been sending messages for website owners to fix mobility issues. Come 21 April 2015 websites that are not mobile friendly can expect to be dropped in rankings in favour of websites that are mobile friendly. How soon these new rollouts will affect Cape Town ... more

Short guide to SEO - 2015-03-26

We are working on a short guide to SEO / How to market your website via SEO or other means so that our web design clients in Cape Town can quicker understand what it is what we do and how we do it. Please let us know your thoughts. Buddy Web Design Short guide to – How to market your website 1.)Time is money You are a small / medium... more

Social Media and Web Designers - 2015-03-24

We are busy taking a look at the use of Social Media by Cape Town Web designers. See our live research page. (Cape Town Web Designers and Facebook). We are doing this because we are ourselves often expected to be Social Media experts and because Facebook competes with the time of our clients. We want our clients to rather first focus on the cont... more

SEO “Cape Town Web Designers” - 2015-03-21

The list of web designers operating in Cape Town is endless. Just do a Google search or ask on Facebook for a web designer. You will have an endless supply of suggestions in no time. There are even web designer’s directories popping up. So how does one go about choosing a web designer? I would like Buddy Web Design to be chosen every ti... more

G Spot Explained - 2015-03-20

Buddy Web Design, hitting the G Spot every time! That’s the slogan on the back of our new company T Shirt. Picture above - New T Shirt We are no experts in this field but the normal G Spot seems to be a place in the female body which, if found and stimulated, apparently can lead to much pleasure in the form of heightened female orga... more

Kwikwap Comprehensive SEO Guide - 2015-03-12

I developing a comprehensive Small business SEO Guide on my website. It is outlined on the website of Buddy Web Design at the following link: Why is an SEO guide needed? Most people are concerned with appearing on page 1 of Google. That's what they want and need. They may ... more

Small business website copywriting - 2015-03-12

There are many great informative articles on the topic of writing great website copy available on the internet. Small business owners are busy which is why this blog entry is going to be kept very short. This blog entry contains some very basic but powerful information on website copywriting for small businesses. A website is a collection of ... more

Cape Town's Coolest Web Designers - 2015-03-10

Cape Town's coolest web designers is a tongue in cheek project by Buddy Web Design. We aim to be the coolest web designers in Cape Town. Not really... We are definitely not Cape Town's flashiest web or graphic designers. Being cool for us means to assist normal business owners to appear on page one of search engines such as Google. &q... more

Web design quote Cape Town - 2015-03-09

Our standard quote for web design in Cape Town averages R3,200 initially and R150 monthly. Here is a copy of our latest quote for a web design client from Brackenfell, Cape Town. (Quotes for web deisgn for other businesses in Cape Town would look similar.) Thank you for requesting a quote. We have studied your current website and business and we... more

Marketing your website - 2015-03-01

Our guide to Internet Marketing 2015 can be found on our website at the following link: The guide is quite comprehensive although not yet finished 100% . It will also probably never be finished because we will continue to add and edit the guide as we get new information, suggesti... more

Buddy Web Design - New client introduction - 2015-02-17

Our meeting today / telephone conversation refers. Buddy Web design has been offering web design services since 2007 and is based in Cape Town, Western Cape. A strong emphasis is placed on meeting the desires of the clients needs. (Usually it is to be found on page 1 of Google.) We enable our clients to achieve this. Francois holds a B-Compt ... more

Marketing Basics - 2015-02-01

BASICS OF AN INTERNET MARKETING CAMPAIGN FOR A SMALL BUSINESS This blog entry covers the very most important basics of your website and internet marketing. WOZA ONLINE SHUTTING DOWN The free South African version of Google Sites is closing down during May with users being offered the alternative of listing their businesses at Google my bus... more

Special offers - 2015-01-23

With immediate effect the special offer of R1,000 discount for local businesses (Simonstown or people driving to us) is cancelled. (Refer to the January Newsletter. ) Our web design services are allready extremely affordable and we have found that by offering a local discount works against us and not for us.  People view cheap website of... more

2015 Web Design offer - 2015-01-02

Hopefully 2015 is the year in which we will get you on the internet / improve your business presence on the internet with a new website or if you are just interested in having some website presence we will focus on getting you the desired look and feel, which you want for your website. “This more comprehensive than normal newsletter is a g... more

Google changes - 2014-12-05

As 2014 is drawing to a close I was doing some research on the internet regarding the latest changes at Google and found this interesting article on the online article on : 5 Ways Google Is Changing SEO To sum the article up in a nutshell : The more things changes the more they stay the same ... From starting out with Kwik... more

Kommetjie Web Design - 2014-11-06

News from Buddy Web Design and Kwikwap Buddy Web Design has moved deeper into the deep South or the Southern Cape Peninsula and will be spending, God willing, two months based in the beautiful town of Kommetjie before moving to Welcome Glen in January. A lot of our web design work is based around tourism establishments and often the work is done... more

SEO Alternatives - 2014-10-01

The topic of this month's newsletter is "Other ways to market your website" Before we do that let us discuss a few other important issues which precedes the actual marketing of your website by SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and other means. Introduction : Web Design Client Expectations In general website owners expect a... more

Google my business, not to be ignored - 2014-09-07

Google my business is a free tool offered by Google to businesses all over the word. Ignore it at your own peril. It is so important that we have decided to include help with free registration in all our web design packages on offer. Key features of Google my business include It's free to use It's quick and easy to register yo... more

Current SEO - 20 Factors - 2014-09-06

What is the most important SEO for any website owner but more particular for small and medium businesses? Things constantly change at Google as mentioned in our previous newsletter titles SEO Information / News and every now and then things change more drastically. Francois has written a book and dedicated a website to the topic of SEO o... more

SEO Information / News - 2014-08-31

You are subscribed to our monthly newsletter because of our recent interaction regarding our web design services. If you are no longer in the market for a website then please unsubscribe using the unsubscribe link found at the bottom of this email. We are pleased that Spring is around the corner and have just enjoyed a lovely weekend in Cape Tow... more

Web Design Software Improvements - 2014-07-28

You are subscribed to our monthly mailing list due to our recent convesration regarding our web design services. You can unsubscribe at the bottom of the email if you are no longer interested in our web design services. The following are launced and upcoming software developments at Kwikwap: 1. New eCommerce and Catalog Module The ecommerc... more

Buddy Web Design (Cape Town Southern Sub-burbs) - 2014-07-21

Our telephone conversation today refers. Herwith some more information. (Detailed information is available on our website .) Buddy Web Design is an established web design business servicing clients in the Southern Subburbs and Deep South since 2010. The owners are Francois Marais 0745470221 and Melanie Schoeman 076847... more

July 2014 - Buddy Web Design Newsletter - Upcoming Software Developments - 2014-06-30

You are subscribed to the monthly newsletter of Buddy Web Design because of our recent interaction regarding our web design services. To unsubscribe , if no longer interested, please make use of the unsubscribe link at the bottom of this email. Kwikwap has been hard at work in improving the current software . We have some inside information on u... more

Google Webmaster Channel - 2014-06-03

You are subscribed to our monthly mailing list because of our recent interaction regarding a website from Buddy Web Design. It is suggested that this monthly newsletter be viewed on our website since we are embedding useful videos which will be filtered by most email programs. Go to and visit our newsletter blog section ... more

Affordable Web Design Packages - 2014-05-03

We use our monthly newsletter as a means to stay in touch with our possible web design clients. If you are no longer interested in our web design services then feel free to unsubscribe below. Another affordable web design solution We have made our web design services even more affordable by adding an option of getting your website for R600 by... more

Web Design Group Training - May 2014 - 2014-04-28

Francois will be presenting the Kwikwap Web Design Group training sessions in Cape Town and Pretoria during May 2014. The training is aimed at current and new clients. Both clients of Buddy Web Design and other Kwikwap clients in Cape Town and Pretoria For new clients we are able to offer a once off special web design offer of getting your we... more

CMS Web Design Training - Cape Town May 2014 - 2014-04-23

You are subscribed to our mailing list because of our recent interaction regarding our web design services. You are welcome to unsubscribe if no longer interested by making use of the unsubscribe function at the bottom of this email. A general description of our product offering is the following: A mobile enabled , unlimited pages website whi... more

Cheap Web Design Special - R600 - 2014-04-21

We have decided to offer a cheap web design special of R600. For R600 you will still get a professional design + an unlimited pages website which you can manage yourself. What's the catch? There is no catch. Like with our more expensive design packages hosting with Kwikwap is compulsary .(We earn money on the long run as long as we hav... more

SEO Terminology - Buddy Web Design (April 2014 newsletter) - 2014-04-01

You are included in the monthly mailing list of Buddy Web Design because of our recent interaction regarding a website for your business. One of the main aims of a website is to get business when people search for things on the internet. The process of getting your website to page 1 of search engines is called SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. ... more

Buddy Web Design - 2014 Web Design Prices - 2014-03-01

You are on our monthly mailing list because of our recent interaction regarding a website for your business. Please unsubscribe if you no longer are interested in our web design services. February 2014 has been a very busy month for us. We have written an EBook - Relevant SEO 2014 (What small and medium business owners need to know about SEO ... more

Websites for beauty salons - 2014-02-26

Please have a look at two of our beauty salon clients in Pretoria whose websites are on page 1 of Google. We have recorded a video to show you what we mean with page 1 of Google. We give you a preview of our technology. Below you will find a summarry of our website pricing: Web Design Pricing Buddy Web Design offers 3 web design packages ... more

Future of the Web - 2014-02-07

I have been spending a lot of time reading and writing  as opposed to simply being a web designer. I am writing an Ebook aimed at my typical client because I am not interested in doing anything else. I simply help small business owners to get a website and do well with their websites on search engines. In order to sell well I need to keep t... more

Blogging and your website - 2014-02-03

Blogging is one of the best ways for generating content for your website. Being a small business owner like ourselves you will have the disadvantages of not always having the finances to pay a professional copy writer to generate content for your website but you will have the distinct advantage of not having to discuss your next blog entry with the... more

Website Traffic vs attracting Clients - 2014-02-02

Having website traffic does not automatically guarentee you will get new clients or make money directly from a website. For a few years I have been having two hobby websites . One of the websites is a website about the Kruger National Park and another website is about Kalk Bay in Cape Town. I love both of these places and have spend quite a bit ... more

Buddy Web Design - February 2014 Newsletter - 2014-01-31

You are currently subscribed to our monthly newsletter due to our recent interaction regarding getting a website from us for your business. If you no longer wish to receive this newsletter then please use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of this email. News at Buddy Web Design You can read our newsletter/blog on our website since we regular... more

Content on Facebook vs on your website - 2014-01-31

Thanks to Alfred Schmid who reminded me to include this important tip in the Ebook on SEO: A lot of people use Facebook to market their businesses. They create great content but the content soon gets wasted because the content filters down like rain (thanks Melanie for that analogy). It appears only briefly unless it is pinned and then dissapear... more

Relevant SEO Facts - 2014-01-30

Somehow I got myself under huge pressure to produce an E Book for an online business building event. The idea is that you give away a valuable product (knowledge) when someone Opt's into your mailing list. (You will then increase your potential client data base). It was somehow decided that the topic I should write about be SEO. (Search Engine ... more

Kwikwap Online Training Service - 2014-01-29

We have trained a couple of clients without ever meeting them face to face. We normally do this via Skype. Recently we have trained , and still busy , a client from Botswana ( as well as a client from George.( We have also previously trained clients as far as Upington, Nelspruit and Malelane. ... more

Webwerf op bladsy 1 van Google. Hoe doen ons dit? - 2014-01-25

Ons help mense om hul webwerf op bladsy 1 van Google te kry. Hoe doen ons dit? Dit sal miskien makliker verstaan word deur te kyk na hierdie voorbeeld voorlegging wat gedoen is vir een van ons kliente in Pretoria: Voor daar na die voorlegging gekyk moet word net die feit dat vandag op 25 Januarie 2014 is daar nuwe teks aangestuur soos gevra is. ... more

Buddy Web Design - Ouick introduction - 2014-01-25

Our brief conversation regarding our web design services refers. As discussed you have been added to our monthly newsletter. (We keep our mailing list as small as possible and limit it to people still interested in getting a website from us.) We find it an effective tool of communication to stay in touch with potential clients. Buddy Web Desi... more

Online Training : Managing your Website - 2014-01-24

We also offer our web design clients online training so that they are able to manage the content of their websites. (Clients can also manage the design of their websites but it is not recommended unless you are skilled in Graphics , HTML , and CSS) Sometimes it is even more effective to train online via Skype, Google hangouts or Facebook Chat th... more

Website Design Quote - 2014-01-20

Our telephone conversation regarding a CMS website refers. (CMS refers to Content Management System where you are able to manage the content of your own website.) We normally charge R2,500 for a complete website which includes training. Our standard fee for advanced graphics / website banner is R600. (Total R3,100) We do have a small ... more

Kwikwap Training 2014 - 2014-01-20

Francois Marais will once again be presenting Kwikwap Training during 2014 in Pretoria, Cape Town and possibly Durban. Francois is one of the current 15 Kwikwap License holders besides the main Kwikwap / Kwikweb business owned by Eduard Marais and Chris Fahy. We are currently sourcing input and planning for the 2014 Kwikwap Training sess... more

Small Business Website Offer (Half Price @ R1,250) - 2014-01-07

2014 has arrived and we at Buddy Web Design have decided to introduce a Special Web Design offer. Our normal standard price for a standard website is R2,500. For R2,500 you also get training so that you are able to manage the website yourself. Some people prefer not to manage their own websites and therefor do not require training. We w... more

A Kwikwap Website from Buddy Web Design - 2013-12-02

Your telephone conversation with Melanie Schoeman and or Francois Marais from Buddy Web Design refers. 1.)  What do you get for R2,500? An unlimited pages , interactive website, which you can easily update yourself. Training is included in the R2,500 fee. The monthly hosting starts from R99 ex vat for your own domain name. 2. The D... more

Website - Home Industry - 2013-11-27

Today we started designing the framework of a website for a home industry type business in Steenberg Village, Tokai, Cape Town. Costs The initial design and training fee is R2,500. The monthly hosting fee depends on the Hosting Option chosen. Most people choose package 3 for the Mobi website and Online Shopping options at R150 plus Vat pm. ... more

Webwerf vir 'n Ouditeurs - 2013-11-26

Hoekom moet 'n rekenmeesters- / ouditeursfirma 'n webwerf hê en hoekom 'n webwerf van Kwikwap en Buddy Web Design? Francois Marais, een van die vennote van Buddy Web Design, was lank self 'n rekenmeester met sy eie praktyk en verstaan goed dat 'n rekenmeesterspraktyk gewoonlik oor jare gebou en gegroei word deur middel ... more

How Google Search Works - 2013-11-25

You are receiving this monthly newsletter because of our recent interaction regarding a website for your business. We use our own website's mailing system to stay in touch with our potential web design clients. If you are no longer in the market for a website then please use the unsubscribe function at the bottom of this email. Google is by ... more

Kwikwap and Buddy Web News - 2013-10-16

You are receiving this monthly newsletter because of our recent interaction regarding getting a website from Kwikwap. Buddy Web Design uses Kwikwap software to build interactive websites from R2,500 which gives our clients the opportunity to get their websites to the top of search engines by diligently adding fresh relevant content to their webs... more

Google Results - How Long? - 2013-09-30

Three recently completed websites have prompted me to write this newsletter. All three of these websites are in the accommodation industry, a very competitive place when it comes to page 1 of Google results. These three websites are : (... more

Kwikwap & Buddy Older News - 2013-09-04

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Web Designers nou ook in Kleinmond - 2013-08-20

Buddy Web Design is hoofsaaklik gebaseer in Kaapstad maar is ook op 'n ad hoc basis beskikbaar in Kleinmond en omgewing. Ons het u besonderhede in die plaaslike koerant gekry. Ons kan u leer hoe om self u webwerf te bestuur sodat u op bladsy 1 van Google verskryn vir organiese soekresultate. Die aanvanklike design fooie is R2,500. Dit slu... more

Selfoon Webwerwe en die Toerisme bedryf - 2013-08-14

Die toerisme bedryf is een plek waar dit onontbeerlik is dat jou webwerf ook selfoon vriendelik is. Hieronder is deel van 'n voorlegging wat ons vandag vir 'n gastehuis in Kleinmond gedoen het. (Ons soek ook beter Google resultate en benut dus die geleentheid om nutting inligting op ons eie webwerf te plaas.) Ons is nie verveeld nie. Dit we... more

How to become a Kwikwap Consultant with Buddy Web Design - 2013-08-10

Thank you for considering Buddy Web Design to assist you to become a Kwikwap Consultant. There are two options when deciding to join Kwikwap trough Buddy Web Design Option 1 Pay R2,500 for training of about 4 hours split into a maximum of 3 sessions Pay R171 pm and expect to get a few free phone calls and emails per month to guide you f... more

Die Kwikwap Webwerfbou Besigheidsgeleentheid - 2013-07-31

Dankie vir u belangstelling in die Kwikwap besigheidsgeleentheid. Francois Marais is saam met Louis Marais CA(SA) ook 'n lisensiehouer van Kwikwap. Lisensiehouers Daar is tans 12 lisensiehouers. Lisensiehouers stel mense aan en help hulle om hul onafhanklike webwerf ontwerp besighede te bedryf. 'n Besigheid soos byvoorbeeld www.b... more

Important information for first time website owners - 2013-07-26

We often meet first time website owners and we love introducing them to the internet marketing world but often this is a strange new world with a lot of jargon. Fortunately our easy to use advanced software makes it possible for first time website owners to be successful. Today we designed a website for a new client in Cape Town, a first time we... more

New Mobi Website Editor - 2013-07-15

You are receiving this monthly newsletter because of our recent interaction regarding getting a Kwikwap Website from Buddy Web Design. You can unsubscribe at the bottom of this email should you no longer be interested in our web design services. Improved Mobi Website Look and Feel We are excited to announce that the new Look and Feel of our M... more

Kwikweb E Learning Course Content - 2013-06-10

Watch this video to see what will be covered during the Kwikweb E Learning Course: ... more

Lowveld Web Design Business Opportunity - 2013-06-09

Looking for a web design business opportunity in the Lowveld? We will, God willing, be in the Lowveld (Marloth, Kruger, Malelane, Komatipoort,Hazyview) for 10 days from 29 June and we are looking for the right person / (persons) wanting to use the very best, userfriendly software to run their own web design business opportunity. We are looking for ... more

Die belangrikheid van die basiese goed vir goeie Google / Soekenjin Resultate - 2013-05-29

Hier is n voorbeld van n werklike epos aan n klient wat ek gebruik vir info op my webwerf. Ek deel dit graag met my webwerf besoekers en veral die mense wie in Afrikaans op Google soek. Hi Reinette   Ek werk saam met Melanie aan jou website. Waar Melanie fokus op die Graphics maak ek seker ons kliente volg sekere riglyne om goed te do... more

Manage your own website - Kwikwap Training : June 2013 - 2013-05-27

You are receiving this monthly newsletter because of our recent interaction regarding a website from Kwikwap or the Kwikwap Web Design Business Opportunity. If you are no longer interested in a Kwikwap website or our web design services then please unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of this newsletter. Our service is not web design or grap... more

Kwikwap E Learning Course - 2013-05-23

You can now learn Kwikwap trough E Learning for all . This course will in time teach you how to use EVERY SINGLE function in the Kwikweb Web Design System. The course currently contains 51 videos that covers the training as specified by the Kwikweb Client Charter. Additional videos and other types of ... more

May 2013 - News from Buddy Web Design and Kwikwap - 2013-05-03

Francois successfully presented two group training sessions in Pretoria during April for Kwikwap clients. The next Pretoria group training session will be on 25 May 2013 . You can register here. Monthly Cape Town group training sessions will be available from June 2013. Kwikwap HQ has relocated to Cape Town from Pretoria. Francois wil... more

Who should you ask for help at Kwikwap? - 2013-04-26

You should allways first contact your agent or consultant who sold you the website. Kwikwap has a client charter which outlines what a client can expect from his Kwikwap Consultant in return for the R2,500 paid to get the website up and running. See admin and reports / Legal Matters and Welcome email. Read the client charter to understand this. ... more

SEO Course Johannesburg - 2013-04-19

I received this email about a SEO and Internet Marketing course to be presented. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. I am uploading this email so that those who wish to attend higher level SEO (Google) training can know what SEO is about and what you can expect to pay for such a course. I will be presenting a Kwikwap Training Session on 2... more

New at Kwikwap - 2013-04-16

You are receiving this newsletter because of our recent interactions regarding designing a website for your business using Kwikwap Software. If you are no longer in the market for a website from Kwikwap / Buddy Web Design then please unsubscribe using the link below on this email. One of the great things about Kwikwap is that there is new produc... more

Agenda - Kwikwap Training Pretoria - 2013-04-07

Francois Marais will be presenting the Kwikwap Training in Pretoria on the 27th of April 2013. Below you will find the agenda / outline of the training session as well as additional info, links to other websites with more information (further recommended reading) . Just on the subject of Google and Improving Google Results there exisist a pletor... more

Geldmaak met 'n webwerf - 2013-03-29

My kollegas lag al vir my oordat ek elke dan en wan met 'n nuwe skema op die internet begin. Dis omdat dit so maklik en so vinnig is om met ons sagteware jou eie webwerf te bou. Jy teken in en jy tik en jy druk die Groot Rooi Knoppie. 'Publish Now' Skielik is ek skrywer en uitgewer! Dis onmiddelik! Iemand in Rusland kan lees wat e... more

Hoe help ons gewone mense om internet bemarkers te word? - 2013-03-14

Hierdie is 'n regte voorlegging aan 'n nuwe klient en verduidelik wat ons doen. Beste George en Jacques Hier begin julle opleiding.  Julle huidige webwerf gaan vervang word met . Ons sal die domain oorplaas sodra die nuwe webwerf reg is. Ek doen dit vir nou sommer op julle n... more

Kwikwap's Web Development Checklist - 2013-03-05

You are receiving this monthly newsletter because of our recent interaction re getting a website from Kwikwap by Buddy Web Design. If you are no longer interested then please use the unsubscribe function at the bottom of this email. This is from the website of Kwikwap: Before you embark on your website development project, whether it is an up... more

Information needed to design your website - 2013-02-13

You are receiving this monthly newsletter because of our recent interaction regarding a website from Kwikwap by Buddy Web Design. At the bottom of this email you will find an unsubscribe option if you are no longer interested in getting a website from Buddy Web Design and Kwikwap. Sometimes we have to wait quite some time for our clients to... more

Your Kwikwap Website and improving Google Results - 2012-11-26

In this month's newsletter we discuss the most important things you can do to improve your website presence / get more website visitors trough Google using your Kwikwap Website.   Most website owners are interested in getting more visitors to their website via organic search results. (Organic search results is where people Google for your pr... more

Closing for December Holidays - 14 December 2012 - 2012-11-20

We will be closing for the December Holidays on Friday 14 December 2012 and will be reopening on 14 January 2013. So if you still want to get a website from us then please contact us in due time. This will be our last newsletter for 2012 so let us be the first to wish you: A Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!  ... more

Web Design Business Opportunity : (Hermanus, Kleinmond, Bettysbay, Pringle Bay) - 2012-11-20

We are looking to recruit web design agents in the Overberg region. We will, god willing, be around the area until the end of February 2013 so if you are residing in the area and keen to start your own web design business please contact us so we can arrange a meeting and introduce you to the Kwikwap Website Builder. You will ideally enjoy sales an... more

News from Buddy Web Design and Kwikwap - 2012-08-27

In this September newsletter we cover:   Some examples of our latest websites done , Our new Online Training Program (OTP) , What is new at Kwikwap (The software we use) as well as Work opportunity for people to do what we do. You are subscribed to this monthly newsletter because of our recent interaction regarding a website for your... more

Infographics on Social media - 2012-08-22

Seems like Infographics is becoming quite a popular thing. Here is an interesting one we found and embedded on this newsletter. Via: Hasai Social Media         ... more

Online Training Program - Learn how to manage your own website in your own time - 2012-08-15

You are included in our mailing list because of our recent interaction regarding a website from Kwikwap for your business. We are ready to launch our Online Training Program! You are hereby invited to partake in this program. The program covers: How search engines like Google works and what you can do to improve your website's presence or ranki... more

Nuwe aanlyn program om te leer hoe om jou eie webwerf te kan bestuur? - 2012-08-13

Ons het die nuwe aanlyn opleidings program al begin. Gewoonlik sal ons mense oplei deur hulle by hulle besighede te besoek. Dit is nie altyd moontlik nie. Ons skryf dus ons eie korrespondensie kursus wat stap vir stap voltooi kan word sodat daardie kliente wie ver van ons af is ook kan leer hoe om hulle webwerwe self te kan bestuur. Daar word na ... more

Website for Restaurant in Paarl, Western Cape - 2012-08-11

We have designed your website for your restaurant and coffee shop in Paarl. You can view the website on this temporary url: . You will be able to manage your website after a training session or two. (This is a process so fear not! We are patient teachers.) You will receive a welcoming email containing your usern... more

Becoming an Internet Marketer 1 : Measuring results on your Kwikwap Website - 2012-08-04

So just how do we measure results when we are busy with Internet Marketing?   The penultimate answer will be when you measure the amount of new sales due to your concerted and Combined Internet Marketing efforts trough your website and Social Media like Face book or Twitter.   But before you have sales you need website traffic and you... more

Kwikwap SEO Tip 1 (Search Engine Optimization) - Page Headings - 2012-08-03

Kwikwap is fast becoming a well known brand in South Africa with over 5,500 active websites . This presents the ordinary man in the street with the opportunity to become an internet marketer . To be an internet marketer you need to know how search engines work, you need to be able to measure your results and you need to be able to modify your websi... more

Become a Web Design Consultant Web Design Business Opportunity - 2012-08-03

We are recruiting new consultants all over South Africa to do what we do. We are recruiting new consultants for Ezeweb Kwikwap.  What does it cost? Initial fees You will require R2,500 to get training. If it does not work out for you at least you would have learned to manage your own websites and how to get business from the internet. ... more

Wil jy graag meer geld maak? Verskyn dan op bladsy 1 van Google. - 2012-07-25

As jy meer geld wil maak en meer produkte wil verkoop moet jy die volgende lees. Het jy al ooit gewonder hoekom verskyn sekere webwerwe op bladsy 1 van Google en ander nie? Maar wag eers... Hoekom wil mens op bladsy 1 van Google verskyn. Google is 'n soekenjin en mense gebruik Google om na inligting te soek op die Internet. Google is as't ware 'n ... more

Writing good newsletters / blog entries on your website - 2012-07-15

I spend quite a bit of  time online searching for news on the technology front, especially news on Google and Social Media. I often share the good articles on our face book page. I try and keep up to date myself with changes and i would like to keep our face book page interesting. So tonight I am doing something different. I am writing my ver... more

Three of the most important factors with Kwikwap and SEO - 2012-06-22

The following three factors are probably the most important when considering your Kwikwap Website and SEO. Please stydy the document titled " How to improve Google Results" . It is found under Help / How to improve your web precense. Once you have logged into the management portal of your Kwikwap Website. Page headings The first importa... more

Becoming an internet marketer in 2012 - 2012-06-13

Who can believe that 2012 is nearly on the halfway mark and yet you are still not an internet marketer!? Very often time and / or affordability is an issue/ reason why people delay in getting a website. Having an informative website can actually save you lot's of time by referring potential and existing customers to your website instead of... more

News from Google - 2012-05-19

Google recently announced the launch of the Knowledge Graph.  In a nutshell , relevant content on your website is going to become more important and "funny technical tricks" like metatags and keywords are going to become less important. This is good news for us and our clients who view their websites as a business tool, to be updat... more

Introduction to Kwikwap and Buddy Web Design : Request for a meeting - 2012-05-18

Our brief conversation yesterday refers. You already have a website. Why should you then get a new website from Kwikwap and Buddy Web Design? You need to see the powerful Kwikwap System in action and we therefor require 20 minutes of your time to come and show you the back end of our software. We will phone to see when we can setup an appointmen... more

March Newsletter - Google's Philosophy - 2012-03-01

You are receiving this Monthly Newsletter because you have indicated that you are interested in getting a website from us. If this is no longer the case then please use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of this email. Our mission is : "To assist ordinary people to become extraordinary internet marketers ." Having an unlimited pages web... more

What makes Buddy Web Design and Kwikwap different? - 2012-02-22

You are receiving this newsletter because you have indicated that you are interested in getting a website from us. We use our newsletter facility to remind our potential customers of our product and services. If you are no longer interested in getting a website then please use the unsubscribe function at the bottom of this email. A few Key points ... more

Tips for writing text for your website - Products and Services pages - 2012-02-21

You need to describe your Products and / or Services well. You should try to use at least 200 words to describe your product and / or service. Many people battle to write enough when they describe their product and / or service. One way to get going at least is to use the following: What, Where, When, Why, Material, Warranties, Options Example:... more

Free Websites vs a Website from Kwikwap - 2012-01-24

An analysis of the free websites that have been in the news this week: Wozaonline and other free website systems don’t have the following simple (and vital features) which Kwikwap offers to their clients: Payment gateways Forms and surveys Bulk mailing list  Bulk SMS list Emails on your domain name (e.g. A Ded... more

How to improve Google Results? - 2011-12-05

You are receiving our December Newsletter because of our recent interaction regarding our web design services. We offer more than the traditional normal web design services. At Buddy Web Design we assist ordinary business people to become extraordinary internet marketers. How do we do it? Firstly we explain to our clients how Google works and... more

Facebook Websites - 2011-11-02

You are receiving this newsletter because of you recent interaction with either Melanie or Francois regarding a website for your business. We now can offer a "Facebook Website" which integrates with your Facebook Page. Facebook Websites Google ruled the internet for about a decade. In the past year Facebook has overtaken Google ... more

October Newsletter : Are you a brochure owner or are you serious about your Internet Presence? - 2011-09-27

You have been added to our mailing list because of our recent interaction regarding our web design services. Yes we design websites but our real service is that "we turn ordinary people into internet marketers". If you are no longer interested in getting a website from us please use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. Shor... more

Kwikwap Web Design Services in Houtbay - 2011-09-09

Hi! You are receiving this introductory email because we visited your business today. We are visiting all businesses in Hout Bay to offer our web design services. We are different to other web design companies in that we not only sell you a website but we empower you to become an internet marketer. You will manage your own website and have the abil... more

New at Buddy Web Design : Facebook Integration - 2011-09-02

You are receiving this Newsletter because of our recent interaction regarding our web design services. Please unsubscribe at the bottom of this email should you no longer be interested in getting a website from us. Just to remind you what we do: we turn ordinary people into internet marketers by giving them a CMS (Content Management System) Website... more

Professional Facebook Pages with your Kwikwap Website - 2011-07-20

You are receiving this newsletter because you have indicated that you might be interested in getting a website from us. Please unsubscribe at the bottom of this e mail if this is no longer the case. We have great news. You now can import your Kwikwap Website into your Facebook page! We are the first web design company to offer this from a once ... more

Introduction letter : A Website from Kwikwap - 2011-06-14

Our meeting and or telephone conversation today refers. Herewith more information as discussed: We can design a website with unlimited pages for only R2,500, and the website will be designed in front of your eyes, today, anywhere in South Africa. (There is no extra fees if you want an online shop and even accept online credit card payments.) ... more

Kaapstad Webwerf bouers - 2011-05-23

Ons gesprek op straat of telefoongesprek oor ons webwerf bou dienste in Kaapstad het betrekking. Ons bou webwerwe oor die hele Kaapstad maar veral in die Kaapse skiereiland. Francois Marais en Melanie Schoeman is ervare webwerfbouers gebaseer in Kaapstad. Saam verteenwoordig hulle Buddy Web Design. Buddy Web Design bou webwerwe vir klein en m... more

May 2011 - Newsletter . Appearing on top of page 1 in Google - 2011-05-12

With the slow business experienced by most of our mailing list, except those in the hospitality and tourism industry now is the best time to get started with your internet marketing plan. Just a reminder: Your Kwikwap Consultants are: Francois Marais (Gauteng) 0763490772 Melanie Schoeman (Western Cape) 076847092  Before visiting our we... more

Forget about getting a website, become an internet marketer! - 2011-04-13

You have the opportunity to become an internet marketer with your Kwikwap Website and not just the owner of a static electronic brochure. The way to measure the success of your website is firstly the number of the right visitors you get to your website, but most importantly the amount of business you get trough your website. You can accurately me... more

Google and Youtube News - 2011-04-01

You are receiving this newsletter since you have indicated that you might be interested in getting a website from us. We send out monthly newsletters to all our prospective clients to remind them of our services. (Great marketing strategy and tool which comes with your Kwikwap Website) Please unsubscribe if you are no longer considering getting a... more

Newsletter - March 2011 - 2011-02-28

You are receiving this newsletter because you have indicated that you are interested in getting a website from us. Please make use of the unsubscribe link if this is no longer the case. New developments at Kwikwap: One of the benefits of getting a website from Kwikwap is that you get the benefit of getting service from a company which continuousl... more

Search Engine Optimisation : Appearing on Page 1 of Google - 2011-02-16

What is Google? Google is a search engine which is used by people to find relevant information/websites for almost anything. What is Search Engine Optimisation? Search Engine Optimisation refers to the process of improving your website’s ranking under organic search results. Organic being the opposite of paid adverts, being found when peo... more

February Newsletter - What is new at Kwikwap Websites? - 2011-02-11

You have indicated that you are interested in getting a Website from us, which is why you are receiving this monthly newsletter. If this is no longer the case then please make use of the unsubscribe function on this email so you will no longer receive mail from us. What information do we need to start your website? Because you receive trainin... more

Mobi Websites - 2011-02-01

You have a normal website, now get a Mobi Website Our conversation of today refers. Thank you for your time. Here is more information regarding Mobi Websites. Our websites are automatically displayed on three different platforms: The normal internet Traditional PC’s, Cell Phones (Even the older ones) as well as PDA’s 9Person... more

Start your own web design business - 2011-02-01

Do you want to start your own business from the next big thing that is hitting South Africa? This is not a get rich scheme (although the product is so good it sells itself!). Good honest hard work will help you to make a living from this business opportunity from day one as well as offer you the opportunity to build up a decent recurring income o... more

Wenk : Inhoud van jou webwerf en uitleg van jou webwerf - 2011-01-20

Hieronder volg 'n paar wenke oor inhoud van jou webwerf en ook die uitleg van jou webwerf. Sien ook asseblief . Spesiaal vir die wie wonder waar om te begin met 'n webwerf. Daardie webwerf is 'n eenvoudige opsomming. Ook daar is 'n paar ''diamante''. Geheime wat ek deel met voornemende en huidige kliente. Wenk... more

How to get he best results from your website - 2010-06-08

When you get a website from Kwikwap trough me you will be able to manage your website 100% yourself. Here is a list of the most important aspects that one should consider when you manage your own website: Use your own data Be carefull when copying data from other websites. Search engines like Google can penalise you if you copy content fro... more