In this section we look and list the top Cape Town Web Design Agencies , ranked as ranked by Google for specific search terms and look at their Facebook pages which should be an indication of their Social Media activities. Small business owners are often wondering about whether they should go the Social Media route or not. Well let us look at what the best web designers in Cape Town are doing on Facebook. We will chose 3 different search terms and then select the top 3 organic search results fot those search terms. Search results for search terms like Cape Town Web Designers or Cheap, Affordable web designers vary from day to day but in the web design industry not dramatically. This exercise was started on 24 March 2014.

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Please note that the 3rd web design company does not have a Facebook Page, so here is the fourth result

Get Smarter offers online courses so they are not web designers operating in Cape Town in the true sense of the word and was ignored

The fourth result says it has a Facebook page but it can not be found, links to general Facebook website.