We are based in Bergvliet in the southern suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa. We have web design clients all over Southern Africa but some of our local web design clients in South Cape Town (Southern Suburbs and South Peninsula) include:

The Brass Bell Restaurant, Kalk Bay
OhVoila Jewellery, Kalk Bay
Jakes Restaurant, Tokai
The Green Quotient, Muizenberg
The Surfshack, Muizenberg
Global Unique Fabrics, Fish Hoek
Marc Pincente, Diep Rivier
Justin Wood, Marina Da Gama
Hospitality People Connected, Bergvliet
Design and Decor Network
Baroque Pearls
Sue Howell Mirrors 


Feel free to contact any of our clients at random to request a reference.

As a requirement for the ongoing receipt of monthly commission we are supposed to be willing and able to assist our clients with one or two phone calls per month if needed. Most of our clients do not need our furtehr assistance after receiving proper initial training.

We have a vested interest in the long term success of our web design clients and this generally is only achieved when people get good SEO results .

Francois started his web design career with Kwikwap in 2008 in Pretoria while Melanie joined Kwikwap in early 2010 when Buddy Web Design was formed. We are focussed on developing and servicing our target market in the Southern Suburbs and South Peninsula. We build our business around our reputation.

Our clients chooses whether they want to manage the content of their own websites after training or whether they require us to manage the content of their websites.

Making use of the services of Buddy Web Design and Kwikwap has the following distinct advantages:

  • Userfriendly software - most average computer users manage their websites on their own after 1 or two training sessions.
  • We have clever call to action buttons which are activated at the click of a button.
  • Buddy Web Design has two partners who can be contaced to assist.
  • If for any reason none of us are able to assist you will be allocated to a new active Kwikwap consultant
  • We are backed by a company with more than 6,000 clients and a strong technical team
  • The structure of our websites ensure that search engines can crawl trough them easily
  • Good SEO reults by our web design clients are important to us. Francois has written a book aimed at small and medium business owners and dedicated a website to the specific topic. (  ) and continues to research SEO . (Getting your website to page 1 of google)


Francois Marais presenting Kwikwap Training sessions in Pretoria

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