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Please note that the training agenda is a guideline only and will be adjusted according to attendees training needs.

Introduction : Kwikwap Basics and Google basics

How to update content

  1.      Inserting Tables and Images
  2.      Inserting Hyperlinks


Make your website look good

Look and feel 

  • Website revamps (Sureweb / Butterbee)
  • Kwikwap Kwikeditor
  • Changing templates
  • Changing images
  • Example of stylesheet changes
  • Home page slideshow
  • Animated banner
  • Having a call to action on your website



Addressing attendees specific needs

Questions and answers

Questions and answers on doing things

Discussion of attendees websites and basic errors

Assisting attendees specific needs


More questions and answers

Course of further action decided for attendees needing more help



The Kwikwap Busines Opportunity

(For current and prospective Kwikwap Consulants)



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