We will start with this section of the Online Training Program once we have created your website. Your website may be complete or partially completed. You should be happy with the general look and feel of your new website. Even if you are a complete Newbie you will have a much better understanding of what sections your website will contain. (A website consists of individual webpages.)

You can have an unlimited number of pages on your website subject to certain limitations for excess traffic. (Very rare and often only applicable to people with websites directly streaming music or videos).

In this section of the training program we will start logging into the back office or the management portal of your website. The aim of this part of the program is:


That you know where to log into your website


Know what to do if you forgot your username or password


That you are introduced to the different sections of your website


That you know what help / guides are available


Know what you can do if all else fails

Congratulations on joining the Kwikwap Community! It is a good idea that you study the Kwikwap Website as it contains useful information about website pricing and features which you might want to use on your website. You find the Kwikwap Website at ...

You would have received a welcoming email when your website was created . This will contain some important information such as your username and password which you will need to log into your website.  Contact us if you have not received your wel...

When your website was created you would receive a welcoming email. Sometimes we purposely change the e mail address to our own when creating a website as we prefer that you do not look before we are finished. The welcoming emails refers to Important...
This option offers the Kwikwap client various guides to the workings of the Kwikwap system.  It can be found under the "Admin and Reports" button on the top right hand side of the screen as indicated with the number 1 in the red balloo...

When you loose your login details of your Kwikwap Website you can email us or phone for assistance or you can send a SMS to 37995. For your website password SMS your username to 37995 . eg buddy  For your email SMS your complete email address ...